Relocating Rhino

Is this not a wonderful photo? I just had to share.

It was on the front page of one of my Sunday reads today, it was accompanied by an article explaining that Kruger are relocating over a thousand rhino from ‘high risk’ areas (read close to Mozambique border) to other parts of the park, other parts of the country and even other countries (Botswana and Namibia were mentioned.) Good luck to them.

There was more good news on my 1 o’clock news bulletin.

Rangers up in Kruger shot a poacher dead, wounded another in his knee and thigh and captured a third.

One of them was wearing a Mozambique military uniform (no surprise there!)

4 thoughts on “Relocating Rhino”

  1. Good, the more dead the better and god rot the chinese for buying the stuff.
    I love the folds of skin over the knees makes it look like the little chap is wearing a coatee!

  2. Oh, the humanity!. Has nobody thought of the yooman rites of the poachers? No akshully. We’re not in the liberal postcodes of Londonstan here and another poacher is dead. Good!


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