5 years

So Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to 5 years jail for the killing of his girlfriend by shooting at her through a toilet door!

The feeling down here (and I spoke to a fair cross section of people yesterday) was one of relief that any sentence was not wholly suspended and that it wasn’t long enough!

But that’s ‘justice’ these days, one has to accept that times have changed and move on.

9 thoughts on “5 years”

  1. I was getting pretty bored with the whole Pistorius circus. With luck we’ll hear no more of it……wishful thinking I know.

  2. Tomes have changed… So you do two years banged up for posting some vacuous insult on twitter and ten months for taking a life. Times have changed indeed.

  3. The only thing that surprises me is that more relatives do not exact adequate retribution.
    One area the yanks have it right, lock them up and throw away the key and welcome to an electric chair in due course. I suppose they do because too many guns here and too many people would exact correct retribution.

  4. I suspect Oscar was snivelling for HIS life and NOT his girlfriend’s. He appears an arrogant weakling; a coward who loses his temper. I read one SA opinion that he was sentenced according to ‘status’,meaning is a lesser known man (a non-celebrity) would have received a longer sentence.
    That being said I think the Judge has been reasonable, so long as this guy actually does 2 years plus locked up without being served food by his rich uncle.

  5. Morning all

    I’m pleased that the world watched our judicial system at work. I doubt if I watched a total of 60 minutes of it but certainly great PR for our judicial system, not only a job well done but shown to be well done.

    I seriously doubt if the 10 month issue will ever come to pass, I’d like to think that he’s in for at least half of the 5 years.

    I’m afraid that once the judge accepted his claim that he didn’t know that it was Reeva behind the door and the notion of self defence entertained anything from 0-15 years became a possibility, we are allowed to defend ourselves here.

    I’m firmly of the opinion that 5 years isn’t enough but on reflection think that 15 might have been too harsh, anyhow, the law has spoken, time to move on.

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