Money down the drain

It was JM’s post with his London bus picture (here) that got me thinking.

In these times of belt tightening, budget cutting and austerity I certainly wouldn’t be happy with what appears to be a very expensive advertising campaign informing locals of what they already know!

London bus

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Democratic Alliance Students Organisation – poster

Driving home this evening an hour on our national broadcaster (SAFM) was dedicated to the controversy that this poster has created.

My wife and I are both members of the D.A. (Democratic Alliance.) I of course had no idea what the controversy was about but had to see what had caused all the fuss.

Does this offend you?

Facebook link and comments

So, I’ll ask the question again, does this offend you?

Update Jan 25 – The ‘controversy’ made front page news in my daily today, I’ve reproduced the article for your further reading…

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