Kings v Sharks

My programmeWho would have thought it?

After a glorious victory against the Aussie Force two weeks ago (and a bye last week) our Super Kings hosted the first of the heavyweights last night. The Sharks were last year’s losing finalists, they are a side packed with current Springboks (we have not one) and we kept them tryless!

Our magnificent Nelson Mandela Bay stadium was a sell out, that’s 42,000 people packed in to savour a super rugby derby. Sure it’s been full once or twice before but that was during the FIFA world cup, no passion, no partisanship just an extravaganza (albeit a jolly good one) and of course our two rugby tests against England and the All Blacks, this was different, completely different!

If our first victory in the competition hasn’t made the opposition sit up and reconsider our ‘whipping boy’ tag then last night must have, our Kings were simply magnificent.

One report tells us “only 1 tackle missed out of 107” They defended like lions (not the Transvaal kind but the four legged ones with manes!) and on attack? Opportunities though few and far between were taken, so much so that with only 2 minutes to go we were in a bonus point winning position but fate dealt a cruel blow, we were robbed of that bonus point in the last minute of the game.

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Afcon 2013

As I passed by our stadium yesterday I chuckled at who the title sponsors are, it’s a crowd called Orange, to the best of my knowledge they don’t operate in South Africa, must be big up north then.

We’ve been allocated 8 matches down here (6 group games, a ¼ final and the 3rd / 4th place play off) We want to go and support the event but we’ve no idea who is worth watching and who isn’t.

We settled on Ghana vs Niger, it’s a final group game (kick off 7 O’clock, Monday 28th) hopefully important log positions will be at stake and we’ll be treated to some attacking football and goals.

Ticket prices are a very reasonable R70 (£5) R60 (£4.20) and R50 (£3.50) we’ll probably break the bank and buy the most expensive!

The tournament kicked off last night with a double header up in Jhb, (S.A. v Cape Verde and Angola v Morocco)  both games ended nil – nil.

Update 23 Jan

This Wiki page has all the logs, fixtures and results on one easy to read page, it’s great for up to date and easy to read information.

SA vs NZ St. George’s

Today’s the day, our first test at St George’s park since 2007 and only our fourth since 2000!

That’s Graeme Smith and Morne Morkel at yesterday’s practice on the left (pic espncricinfo)

Entry to the ground is R30 (£2) I’ll be buying my ticket at the gate, as usual there is absolutely no public transport provided nor parking close by, my modus operandi today is to park and meet a couple of mates at a nearby restaurant (perhaps a mile away) and the owner has kindly volunteered to drop us off at the gate.

I do like to watch the first ball, its a 10.30 (08.30gmt) start.

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Boks vs England – June 2012

My Programme

Perhaps the worst game of rugby that I have ever attended!

Our hopes were raised for a couple of spectacular events, our Baby Boks started proceedings at Newlands (Cape Town) on Friday night, they beat the Baby Blacks 22-16 to claim the IRB Junior World Cup in an absolutely awesome game of rugby. This after progressing through a difficult group (England, Ireland, Italy) and a tough semi (Argentina.)

Saturday started well enough, (members may recall that I was an invited ‘VIP’ courtesy of Castle Lager, the title sponsor)  a gathering at a local sports club, transport to the brewery and a super lunch.

It went quickly downhill from there.

Our tickets were awful, (on the goal line, front row ABOVE the boxes.) If I’d known I would have kept my original ones and binned these.

The VIP area was a well structured tent, adequate, plenty of beer and grub (burgers, beef or chicken!) with inadequate seating and no service or refuse bins!

As I’ve said, the match was awful, our viewing position didn’t help but not a good game, the English were understrength (not their fault) and we should have torn them apart, Continue reading “Boks vs England – June 2012”

Ironman 2012 Port Elizabeth

2012 Volunteer

Just finished my first shift marshaling this years Ironman South Africa. which is being held right here in Algoa Bay for the 8th consecutive year.

A 3.8km swim, 180.2km cycle followed by a 42.2km run.

The weather is awful, cold, a strong westerly wind and occasional showers (it poured down early this morning.)

Although the lead cyclist only came past our intersection at 8.15am my crew and I were on station from 5.30am. We had the road closed by 6.00am and spent the rest of the morning fielding inquiries from motorists, most of whom were quite reasonable about the whole thing, as always we had the odd idiot who thought that he was more important than the wellbeing of the almost 2000 entrants but we’re quite adept at handling them and all in all things have gone rather well so far.

I’ll head back at about 1.30pm and help finish off the last hour or so.

I might just catch 40 winks in the meantime 😉

The drought is over

As I drove along the highway to East London today I heard the news that the Kouga dam was overflowing! I was going to type “you have no idea what this means to us ‘ but of course most here do.

It is the largest of the dams supplying this region, when full, as now it is 35 km long!

2 of our other dams are overflowing and the other two must be close to overflowing by now.

So, my question is, why hasn’t our municipality made a statement about this, this is the best news that we’ve had in perhaps 2 years and nothing from them.

Is it because it happened on a weekend?

Is it perhaps because despite prior warnings our council has been shown to be completely inadequate in times of flood disaster management.


Is it because they can no longer charge ratepayers a penalty for exceeding limits now that water is in plentiful supply?