Feed the monkey

Nasa decided they’d finally send a man up in a capsule after sending only monkeys in the earlier missions. They fire the man and the monkey into space. The intercom crackles, ‘Monkey, fire the retros.’ A little later, ‘Monkey, check the solid fuel supply.’

Later still, ‘Monkey, check the life support systems for the man’.

“The astronaut takes umbrage and radios Nasa, ‘When do I get to do something?’

“Nasa replies, ‘In 15 minutes – feed the monkey’.

This then was part of Roy Hodgson’s (the England football manager) half time team talk last Tuesday night,

It’s been labelled racist by some, inappropriate, innocent, harmless, generational (gap) by others. Continue reading “Feed the monkey”

India v Eng – Ahmedabad

Wanna watch? Click the picture.

Lunch day 5

Perhaps you don’t have access to which ever satellite provider has the rights in your area, my commentary seems to be alternating between Sky (Botham, Hussain) and the local Indian broadcaster, both more than adequate.

Anderson doesn’t look too happy, the wicket looks flatter than Brisbane, it’s going to be hard work for the bowlers!


Eng vs S.A. (ODI’s)


The current ODI series between England and The Proteas will as you can see decide who tops the ICC rankings come Sept 5th.

Match 2 (of the 5 match series) a day / nighter starts at 12.00 GMT Tuesday 28th August, would you believe that the 1st game on Friday was washed out? With a 4 day break between matches why not have a reserve day? (or 2?) It’s time that the ‘men in suits’ who run the sport get with the programme!

But there’s more at stake then simply topping the ODI rankings for The Proteas.

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Boks vs England – June 2012

My Programme

Perhaps the worst game of rugby that I have ever attended!

Our hopes were raised for a couple of spectacular events, our Baby Boks started proceedings at Newlands (Cape Town) on Friday night, they beat the Baby Blacks 22-16 to claim the IRB Junior World Cup in an absolutely awesome game of rugby. This after progressing through a difficult group (England, Ireland, Italy) and a tough semi (Argentina.)

Saturday started well enough, (members may recall that I was an invited ‘VIP’ courtesy of Castle Lager, the title sponsor)  a gathering at a local sports club, transport to the brewery and a super lunch.

It went quickly downhill from there.

Our tickets were awful, (on the goal line, front row ABOVE the boxes.) If I’d known I would have kept my original ones and binned these.

The VIP area was a well structured tent, adequate, plenty of beer and grub (burgers, beef or chicken!) with inadequate seating and no service or refuse bins!

As I’ve said, the match was awful, our viewing position didn’t help but not a good game, the English were understrength (not their fault) and we should have torn them apart, Continue reading “Boks vs England – June 2012”

Guess what?

Thought that I’d share my good fortune with fellow members.

Although I already have super tickets for Saturday’s test here at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (5 of them bought just a couple of days after ticketing opened, see here) I just had to simply share my delight at the phone call I received this evening.

You’ve all probably guessed by now, I’ve won them!

The small print says, ‘transport, brewery tour, meals and free beer’

Am I a lucky boy or wot?

Good grief it’s cold!

This is about as cold as it gets, as I left the pub where we watched the rugby my car was showing 9º Centigrade, factor in the wind chill perhaps an effective 4º, it’s also pouring with rain, most unpleasant.

Perhaps you’d think that a 22 – 17 Springbok victory would cheer me up, well…. yes and no.

I had 22 – 12 in the pool, that was the score when the full time hooter sounded, I had the result on the nose!

But then Ben Foden touched down in the 82nd minute to spoil what was in any case a glorious afternoon.

Jo’burg next week and then right here in Algoa Bay on the 23rd, can’t wait!


England here we come

No, no, I’m not going to the land of the wheel clamper or that place where the supermarkets / banks rule supreme!

I’m not going where black isn’t and white shouldn’t.

In fact England is coming to me!

Perhaps I should say us.

Bought our tickets for the Test Match today (thank you Eastern Province ANC branch for insisting that your comrades here in the Eastern Cape have an opportunity to watch world class rugby [and no, you’ll never get my vote])

Yep, the English are coming (oops, was that Paul Revere?) we’ll be here to welcome them!

Members may recall when I took my daughter to watch England play in the FIFA 2010 world cup, I’ve bought her a ticket for this one but she doesn’t want to come along 😕

Three snippets for Cricket tragics

I posted this yesterday, but on reflection I felt that it was not really saying anything, so I deleted it. But since nobody else is posting (except dear old two-face), here it is again. It’s better than a blank page! 🙄

Luke Wright
As you are probably aware, our new domestic “get the public interested with glitz and glamour” competition is currently under way between eight teams in the T20 Big Bash.

What you may not know is that each team includes one or two players from overseas.   Chris Gayle, for example, Dan Vettori and so on, most of them well-known in Australia.

I had not previously been aware of  Luke Wright, a young Englishman playing in the Melbourne Stars, although I must have watched him at the Gabba a few weeks ago.   But yesterday in Tassie, against the Hobart Hurricanes he hit 117 off 60 balls, a phenomenal achievement that included nine sixes.   Luke may not be good enough for the English Test Team, but the crowds at Bellerive Oval loved him.

Travis Birt
He may have ‘only’ managed 51 off 23, but Travis achieved a hat-trick of sixes for the Hurricanes.  Have a squiz at the video clip.

Predictions for 2012
For those who haven’t already read it on Cricinfo, here’s a link to a wonderful article written by Sidin Vadukut, who uses his crystal ball to tell us What will happen in cricket in 2012.   Sidin has a way with words, and doesn’t mind who he pokes fun at.   Most enjoyable. 😀