Boks vs England – June 2012

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Perhaps the worst game of rugby that I have ever attended!

Our hopes were raised for a couple of spectacular events, our Baby Boks started proceedings at Newlands (Cape Town) on Friday night, they beat the Baby Blacks 22-16 to claim the IRB Junior World Cup in an absolutely awesome game of rugby. This after progressing through a difficult group (England, Ireland, Italy) and a tough semi (Argentina.)

Saturday started well enough, (members may recall that I was an invited ‘VIP’ courtesy of Castle Lager, the title sponsor)Β  a gathering at a local sports club, transport to the brewery and a super lunch.

It went quickly downhill from there.

Our tickets were awful, (on the goal line, front row ABOVE the boxes.) If I’d known I would have kept my original ones and binned these.

The VIP area was a well structured tent, adequate, plenty of beer and grub (burgers, beef or chicken!) with inadequate seating and no service or refuse bins!

As I’ve said, the match was awful, our viewing position didn’t help but not a good game, the English were understrength (not their fault) and we should have torn them apart, Hougaard (9) had the worst game I’ve ever seen him play and Morne (10) was worse! Fair enough there was a bit of drizzle and the ball and field were wet but we’re better than that.

The score for those interested 14 – 14

Our transport back to the club was a shambles, it only arrived at 9pm (what they expected us to do for two hours after the match is beyond me) by now it was pouring with rain, the bus was parked a good 500 meters away and we got soaked (no courtesy brollies.)

The bus then dropped us off back at our meeting point without entering the driveway, we got a second soaking making our way to our cars!

On the left you can see the contents of our goody bags, I’d love to meet the marketing genius who designed this lot, while all good quality and very nicely embroidered kit, its RED!

The Boks play in GREEN & GOLD, from a distance our group resembled a group of Welsh rugby supporters who had perhaps messed up their tour arrangements or a bunch of Ferrari fans heading for a big screen to watch the Valencia GP qualifying.

Mine stayed in the bag!

All in all a disappointing day, while we were drying off in a local pub and discussing the day’s events we were all in agreement that it was a shambles, then one of my mates suggested that perhaps we’re all a bit too old for this, he’s right, next time I’ll stick to my own arrangements and sell my VIP trip on e-bay!

For the record, the teams for today’s match…

Match day teams

I’ve a question, does anybody know why some England teams have the 3 Lions on their jerseys but the rugby team have the rose?

15 thoughts on “Boks vs England – June 2012”

  1. In answer to why there are three Lions:
    Read here

    I like theory 3 for the answer to why there is a Rose!

    I think you have made it quite clear that a thoroughly ‘bad time’ was had by one all πŸ™‚

  2. Soutie: You are whingeing so much, you could almost be a Pom πŸ™‚

    A touch of the rose tinted spectacles re. the Boks, mayhap? πŸ™‚

  3. Good evening Soutie.

    I watched it live in its entirety, partly to see if I could spot you, of course. There were shots of some of the corporate hospitality areas and they did seem to be very high up and not particularly well located. Didn’t see anybody in red so the cameras must have missed your group.

    To be fair, it started really well. That was, without a doubt, one of the best renditions of ‘Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika’ by crowd, team and coaching staff. that I have ever watched or heard. During it, some of the aerial photos of the stadium did a fantastic job of showing us what a beautiful place you are lucky enough to live in.

    It all went pear-shaped shortly thereafter. As a Jock, I am an expert on watching bad rugby at International level. Even by my low standards, that was a total stinker. Steyn had a shocker and many of the Bokke were not much better, in my opinion. The Beast was, needless to say, as effective as ever in support and I got a bit excited at the end when he almost scored.

    To be fair again, there were some South Africans on the pitch who did all right. I thought that both Barritt and Botha showed promise..

    All tinted glasses aside, I believe that the Bokke were a bit lucky to draw and that England probably deserved to win, despite the fact that their captain of the day was a cheating, eye-gouging, ear-biting, torn-faced failed wannabe All-Black thug who is an utter disgrace to the game in every possible way that one could ever imagine.

    Not that I’m biased about him in any way!

  4. Good morning Ara, Quite!

    ‘To be fair’ the match was awful, the weather didn’t play along and I’m sure that the Castle people will be feeling that they made the best of a bad job but as I say not for me, perhaps 30 years ago I’d have thought differently πŸ™‚

  5. Hello John, a fairly accurate summation, although ‘to be fair’ I was too far away to make an accurate opinion of the England captain’s performance 😦

  6. Hello again John.

    I’m particularly pleased that the TV showed us and our region off well.

    We can sing, we do live in a beautiful part of the world, our stadium is majestic (without doubt the finest that I’ve ever put foot in) and that we can host major sporting events successfully. We have been the Cinderella province for far too long.

    If they bring us decent events we’ll support them!

    We have the sevens again this year, I’ll be there again πŸ™‚

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