Money down the drain

It was JM’s post with his London bus picture (here) that got me thinking.

In these times of belt tightening, budget cutting and austerity I certainly wouldn’t be happy with what appears to be a very expensive advertising campaign informing locals of what they already know!

London bus

There is apparently also a ‘tube campaign’ and billboard ads… Continue reading “Money down the drain”

The drought is over

As I drove along the highway to East London today I heard the news that the Kouga dam was overflowing! I was going to type “you have no idea what this means to us ‘ but of course most here do.

It is the largest of the dams supplying this region, when full, as now it is 35 km long!

2 of our other dams are overflowing and the other two must be close to overflowing by now.

So, my question is, why hasn’t our municipality made a statement about this, this is the best news that we’ve had in perhaps 2 years and nothing from them.

Is it because it happened on a weekend?

Is it perhaps because despite prior warnings our council has been shown to be completely inadequate in times of flood disaster management.


Is it because they can no longer charge ratepayers a penalty for exceeding limits now that water is in plentiful supply?

I had a bath this morning

For perhaps the first time in at least 2 years I had a bath this morning.

Thanks to for the graphic, click pic for source

 We have had some good rains this past 10 days with more, lots more expected overnight and tomorrow.

I was with a couple of chaps from our water affairs dept. this morning and one of them said that he expects our average dam levels to exceed 50% by Friday and possibly 60% by this time next week. Official dam levels here.

50% is the magic number, it is at this level that the severe usage restrictions are enforced, restrictions include hose pipe bans and a form of water rationing. My household (6 people) is allowed 15 kilolitres a month (500 litres a day), we are regularly on or just under our limit, this is achieved by limited toilet flushing, only showering, no watering of the garden (except with previously used water), limited motor vehicle washing and definitely no topping up of the pool!

Penalties for exceeding the limit include financial penalties and a ‘flow limiter’ for serial offenders. Continue reading “I had a bath this morning”