Ironman 2012 Port Elizabeth

2012 Volunteer

Just finished my first shift marshaling this years Ironman South Africa. which is being held right here in Algoa Bay for the 8th consecutive year.

A 3.8km swim, 180.2km cycle followed by a 42.2km run.

The weather is awful, cold, a strong westerly wind and occasional showers (it poured down early this morning.)

Although the lead cyclist only came past our intersection at 8.15am my crew and I were on station from 5.30am. We had the road closed by 6.00am and spent the rest of the morning fielding inquiries from motorists, most of whom were quite reasonable about the whole thing, as always we had the odd idiot who thought that he was more important than the wellbeing of the almost 2000 entrants but we’re quite adept at handling them and all in all things have gone rather well so far.

I’ll head back at about 1.30pm and help finish off the last hour or so.

I might just catch 40 winks in the meantime 😉

Diary of an Ironman Marshal


Not me

Some of you may remember my post where I told you that we (Autism Eastern Cape) were offered a cool 5 grand for marshaling various intersections during this years Ironman Africa.

Here’s how it went:

5:00 As I reversed the car out of the garage I noted the temperature, 20°C, lovely, not a breath of air, it’s going to be a beautiful day.

5:45 Arrived at my station, Hannes was already there (he lives a lot closer than I do), unpacked my camping chairs, grabbed my flask of tea and got comfortable on the grass verge. There were already 4 or 5 young black teenagers present dressed in the volunteer caps and shirts, they told me that they were from the local school.

It was still dark, a pal of mine when hearing of our exercise had donated me two brand new ‘high-viz vests’ we put them on.

6:00 There’s a lot of traffic, Continue reading “Diary of an Ironman Marshal”

Ironman Africa

What will you be doing tomorrow morning? Fancy a swim, followed by a relaxing cycle and then a quick jog to cool down?

Race start at Hobie Beach

Tomorrow morning sees the start of this year’s Ironman Africa;

A 3.8km swim

180km cycle

Followed by a 42.2km marathon.

Port Elizabeth has hosted the event for the last three or four years now, as I write the weather appears perfect, not a breath of wind and (almost) clear skies.

It would appear as though the weather is going to play along (for once) and we could just possibly have perfect conditions for a world class event.

It’s an early start for me, got to be there at 5.30 am!

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