Ironman 2012 Port Elizabeth

2012 Volunteer

Just finished my first shift marshaling this years Ironman South Africa. which is being held right here in Algoa Bay for the 8th consecutive year.

A 3.8km swim, 180.2km cycle followed by a 42.2km run.

The weather is awful, cold, a strong westerly wind and occasional showers (it poured down early this morning.)

Although the lead cyclist only came past our intersection at 8.15am my crew and I were on station from 5.30am. We had the road closed by 6.00am and spent the rest of the morning fielding inquiries from motorists, most of whom were quite reasonable about the whole thing, as always we had the odd idiot who thought that he was more important than the wellbeing of the almost 2000 entrants but we’re quite adept at handling them and all in all things have gone rather well so far.

I’ll head back at about 1.30pm and help finish off the last hour or so.

I might just catch 40 winks in the meantime 😉

10 thoughts on “Ironman 2012 Port Elizabeth”

  1. I fail to understand such a colossal waste of time effort and energy in such an utterly inane brain dead pursuit.
    If these people want to expend a great deal of energy proving their stupidity, why do they not volunteer for a project that require brute strength and ignorance to remedy some obvious defect, for example habitat restoration in a national Park or building houses for the poor such as ‘Habitat for mumanity’
    I think it quite wrong for public roads to be closed for any purpose such as this and the well being of 2000 idiots would be better served in a hard labour camp!

  2. PS considering the water quality generally in sub Saharan Africa perhaps the effort would have been better spent in riparian restoration to improve any run off quality.
    It is called helping yourselves sensibly, suggest you throw it in the ring as a suitable project.
    Most new wells seem to be financed by western charitable contributions, when I’m sure these people could have dug a few dozen in a few hours for free.

  3. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

    Christina you will be pleased to know that a fair portion of the athletes entrance fee and corporate sponsorship is distributed to charitable organizations. We (Autism Eastern Cape, (note the card in my pocket)) get a sizable chunk for marshaling the 17 stations on our allocated road, we in turn mentor students from a local township high school (which also receives a donation.)

    This event is part of a world wide series and attracts entrants, their support staff and visitors from all parts of the globe, the weekend economic boost amounts to hundreds of millions for the local economy.

    The race is televised globally, providing the metro with exposure to future holidaymaker and investors.

    All in all a worthy event, one in which I and my family are proud to assist.

    I’m sure that the sponsors (well I know they do) and 2,000 athletes do donate and assist worthy causes during the other 364 days of the year, if they want a day off and consider this fun who am I to argue!

  4. G’dag, Souti! Is this event dominated by Africans from north of the equator as marathons are?

  5. Morning Janus

    Not at all, in fact very few black athletes enter.

    This years male winner was Spanish followed by a Frenchman and a Swiss. Swiss ladies took the first 2 places. Last year a South African won but no high finishes by black athletes at all, in fact I can’t recall more than a handful passing me yesterday (all towards the rear of the field.)

    Swimming and cycling are I suppose sports where black athletes are still few and far between (Olympics, Letour ?)

  6. Soutie I seem to recall a debate not very long ago about centres of gravity and black vs. white bodies in the water?

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