The Cubes of Picasso

Catching up on some out standing TV programmes on my hard drive I watched a Perspectives show on ITV presented by Michael Portillo and focusing on the life of Pablo Picasso. It’s a lively hour of entertainment about bullfighting, Guernica and Spanish art. Portillo skirts over the many love affairs of the artist and concentrates on Picasso’s artwork and the influences on the man from Malaga.

Nearing the end of the programme Portillo draws on the comparisons between Velasquez’s Las Meninas painting and the many recreations Picasso manufactured. The Picasso variations are rendered in the cubism style.

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The Spear revisited

I’m sure that members remember my post on The Spear painting  which caused so much controversy down here.

In summary the gallery and artist were taken to court by the governing ANC party claiming that President Zuma’s right to dignity under the constitution was infringed. The gallery and artist countered with an individual’s right to freedom of expression. The case was heard, the bench (3 judges) decided that more time was needed than the single day initially set aside (they want 3 days) and that’s where we are, I have no idea for when it’s been rescheduled (if at all.) Perhaps that’s the last we’ll here of it.

In the meantime our Publications Control Board (that’s the people who set age restrictions on movies and suchlike) have decided to slap a 16 age restriction on the painting, causing angst amongst the art fraternity who insist that nudity as an art form shouldn’t be subject to such decisions. Which left me wondering what the clowns would do if Michelangelo’s David ever visited these shores as part of a world exhibition?

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The Spear

Not a small painting

Well this has caused a bit of controversy down here.

The ANC aren’t happy, late on Friday, the party issued court papers seeking to interdict the gallery and City Press newspaper, which first published a picture of the painting. The matter will be heard at the High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday (tomorrow.)

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A couple of nice paintings

One of my favourite paintings is in the news today. Teacher Barbara Mills’ research enabled her to discover and reveal for the first time the precise location whereSir John Everett Millais painted it – the Hogsmill in Six Acre Meadow, Old Malden, Surrey. There is even the fallen willow.

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