The drought is over

As I drove along the highway to East London today I heard the news that the Kouga dam was overflowing! I was going to type “you have no idea what this means to us ‘ but of course most here do.

It is the largest of the dams supplying this region, when full, as now it is 35 km long!

2 of our other dams are overflowing and the other two must be close to overflowing by now.

So, my question is, why hasn’t our municipality made a statement about this, this is the best news that we’ve had in perhaps 2 years and nothing from them.

Is it because it happened on a weekend?

Is it perhaps because despite prior warnings our council has been shown to be completely inadequate in times of flood disaster management.


Is it because they can no longer charge ratepayers a penalty for exceeding limits now that water is in plentiful supply?