What’s the weather like? Photo competition 29

I have been away, in the sun. How wonderful. But back in the UK last night I’m had to put on long trousers, a jumper and my socks plus slippers, while I browsed the holiday photos.
It was actually dry as we landed at Heathrow yesterday afternoon, but we’d only been home half an hour when the drizzle started. Then the drizzle turned heavier and the possibility of cutting the rather lush grass turned into an impossibility.

Hey ho.

We stayed in the mountains up behind Nice, high up, in a small village. It was so beautiful. This was the view, on the first morning, which was a little cloudy. After the second day the clouds cleared.

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Drips and drops

I wasn’t the full ticket this morning. I had been up in the night and didn’t sleep well. I sat down with my pot of tea and gazed out of the window which overlooks the front garden in a rather unfocused manner, wondering if I could face breakfast, wondering how I may fit in the jobs on my list before the guests arrive – until something caught my eye. The sun was out and all along the long strappy leaves of crocosmia there were pinpoints of lighted raindrops, suspended and glistening.

It was difficult to get a good picture as the angle I needed, ideally, was from the inside, but the window, where I needed to open, it is a fixed one. So I went out in dressing gown and slippers.

More water for the competition

I don’t know the physics of this: the reason that the drops were held at the tips of the leaves. I assume that there are tiny hairs which work with the surface tension. But whatever the physics, what a wonderful way to bring me back to full wakefulness.

My guests will be here soon. I’d better go and get a few more jobs done.

June Drops

My garden is battered, wet and lush. Luckily I put in plenty of stakes early on, but even so so extra support work is needed after yesterday’s wind. All the trees looked as though they were madly auditioning for a ‘because I’m worth it,’ hair tossing competition and this morning there are plenty of tattered green shreds on the ground.

For the photo competition

This afternoon my friend has her garden open in a village near Cheltenham – a whole group of them are open, which would be wonderful on a quintessentially warm June afternoon. Grey skies won’t pull the crowds. Continue reading “June Drops”


The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has recently had a grand make-over, but as the exhibition (New galleries of Ancient Egypt and Nubia) has been open a while, that is since November, I had hoped that there would be fewer visitors today so that I could enjoy it in peace and quiet.
It was crowded and there was  great deal to see and take in. We borrowed the hand-held sets for an auditory commentary which was a little unsatisfactory being incomplete – and with so many people around it was difficult to be in the right place at the right time! In addition two things I had been keen to see (the ultrasound scan of a mummy which has been taken to show the insides of a mummy which has never been unwrapped and a CT scans of a child mummy) were both out-of-order… so I shall have to go back. However the artist Angela Palmer has used these scans to make a wonderful piece of art which you can read about here.

I took a few pictures, but it is difficult to capture the exhibition. The order and exactitude required to be a museum curator is illustrated here

for the Photo Competition

Order and chaos

A civilised cup of tea (Earl Grey) this afternoon at my Aunt and Uncle’s house provided the photo opportunity I needed to enter the current photo competition here on the Chariot. A chance ray of sunshine lit up the water vapour as it streamed up into the air above the teapot spout as each movement in the room changed its shape and momentum – and after the tea was poured more visible clouds chaotically formed and dispersed in the sunshine.

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The long unwinding road

Here’s a pic I took when driving through the Northern Cape and Free state. This particular stretch is part of the Hopetown (where diamonds were first discovered) and Hanover ‘short cut.’ Perhaps a distance of 160 mile or so.

The road goes through the Afrikaaner self proclaimed ‘independent’ Orania region (which would you believe has it’s own currency and flag amongst other things) and a very pretty part of the world it is too!

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Let’s get this into perspective…..

The photo competition this time is on perspectives… in particular the vanishing point of parallel lines, or the vanishing point of a river or road, or anything where the vanishing point is shown, maybe on a smaller scale …. you get the picture? See what I’m after?

The deadline is Friday November 4th at midnight UK time.

Please post your photos in comments. Thank you!

16th Photo Competition

First of all, thanks all for the kind comments. To tell the truth, the pic of the shadow of the tree on the church was an ‘accidental’ shot. You all know me and buildings 🙂 I was shooting pics of the church and discarded this one from the ‘church’ shots because the shadow of the tree distracts a little from the image of the church I was trying to get. I kept it because, despite not being a shot of the church I liked, I did like the actual composition, and when the subject of the competition came along…

I like dogs. I don’t have one of my own because I travel so much and usually live in flats – I don’t think that flats are the right environment or dogs, they need space. That’s why I have a cat, pop her in her travel bag and she goes anywhere. Mind, I do like cats too. You don’t own a cat in the same way that you can own a dog, they’re much too bloody-minded and independent. I always call my cat my owner because that’s how, I’m sure, she sees me 😀

So, the subject of the next competition is ‘Cat!’ (Note the exclamation mark 🙂 )

Entries please by midnight UK time on the 8th Ocotber. (Extra week because I’m probably going to be travelling in the last week of September.)

Creative heads on!