7 thoughts on “Photo comp entry: Growing Rhubarb”

  1. Rhubarbs were originally grown in China where they were used to cure constipation. Early western visitors developed a taste for it and began exporting it to Europe. The Chinese found this highly amusing and were convinced for centuries that westerners were all constipated.

  2. It looks very yummy, Nym. Beautiful fresh colours and even the soil looks scrumptious, rather plum-puddingy.

  3. Mine is already up growing and decimated. it has to be beaten back to make room for the runner beans.
    It has been converted into rhubarb and strawberry pies with a nice sweet egg frog pastry. Spousal unit is quivering and slavering and doesn’t want his divorce just yet!
    Pie and its the asparagus season? Definitely not going anywhere.
    nice pic. I’ve never bothered to force it it comes all too quickly anyway!

  4. Wonderful photograph, Nym.

    I’m not a great fan but a friend served an excellent rhubarb and stem ginger crumble, which I have to admit was exceedingly yummy.

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