Snow good…..

We awoke to a white world, with the snow still falling. It wasn’t forecast until tomorrow, I thought. By late morning it was sleeting, and finally it turned to drizzle. There’s very little snow left now – just a line at the bottom of the car windscreen where it had gathered more thickly. From the kitchen window I could see the bushes decorated with sparkles of melted snow.


It’s about 2c out there, but it’s a ‘wet cold’ which gets through to your bones – (the sort of day my Ma always called ‘raw’) – and I am disinclined to go out and take my daily walk. But I should really. Maybe if I put on the heating (which I had only just returned to its usual ‘morning and evening only’ setting) and know I can come back to a warm house, I may then be less disinclined?

Hands up those who are planning to put in a picture or a short story…. closing date on 15th.

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Drips and drops

I wasn’t the full ticket this morning. I had been up in the night and didn’t sleep well. I sat down with my pot of tea and gazed out of the window which overlooks the front garden in a rather unfocused manner, wondering if I could face breakfast, wondering how I may fit in the jobs on my list before the guests arrive – until something caught my eye. The sun was out and all along the long strappy leaves of crocosmia there were pinpoints of lighted raindrops, suspended and glistening.

It was difficult to get a good picture as the angle I needed, ideally, was from the inside, but the window, where I needed to open, it is a fixed one. So I went out in dressing gown and slippers.

More water for the competition

I don’t know the physics of this: the reason that the drops were held at the tips of the leaves. I assume that there are tiny hairs which work with the surface tension. But whatever the physics, what a wonderful way to bring me back to full wakefulness.

My guests will be here soon. I’d better go and get a few more jobs done.

Signs of Spring again

It’s an every day, ordinary drop of rain water on the hairy leaf of a common-all-garden lupin leaf, but it caught my eye, glistening in the light.

Lots of gardening today, but the sky was overcast, so that my solar-powered radio failed me and I had to collect the old battery-powered one from the bedside! Weeding and ‘Weekend Womens’ Hour’ and an occasional cuppa. Better than shopping any day.

Now that a lot of the winter debris has been cleared the flower beds look a lot more Springlike.