In the eye of the beholder

It can be very difficult to be a judge. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln you can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

On Saturday a version of this picture

won third place in a competition at the Village Fete. I was pretty chuffed. One kind person came up to me to say they felt mine should have been the winner!

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Unexpected or unusual reflections- 12th photo competition

The next photo competition is entitled: “a photo of an unexpected or unusual reflections.”
To illustrate my idea here is a tree in the glass of my car’s back window: you may have seen it before!

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Sixth Photographic Competition 12th – 31st March 2011

The theme for this next competition is ‘The Force of Nature’ – the rules for this one are:

  • Manipulation is limited to the usual basics of fine tuning the colour balance and brightness etc, and cropping to make a good composition, but none of the ‘high tech’ manipulation of shots.
  • Photos should be added in a comment following Bearsy’s guidelines
  • Each image should be supported by a brief description of the where / why/ how (not too technical) and what the theme means to you, how you interpreted it….
  • Photographs should be taken within the time frame of the competition.
  • The closing date is mid day on Thursday 31st of March (GMT)

Themed photo – Val’s Judgement

Copied from Judge Val’s comment, with regard to this competition

“Pseu asked for ‘Sunlight and clouds’, and she got it in abundance. Each of the photographs posted in the first of this competition, are quite simply, beautiful, which has made my task as the first judge, very difficult indeed. Size wise, we’ve all struggled a bit, but with time and patience, we will conquer. Continue reading “Themed photo – Val’s Judgement”

Themed photo competition – the first week of 2011

Just a thought. I have been browsing and have seen that the BBC website is doing a themed photo competition and as we have several photographers on this site I thought maybe a theme per week might inspire over here too?

Only one picture per contributor per week posted as a comment in this thread, using the instructions which Bearsy has added on the Main Page Menu Bar.

The theme: Sunlight and Clouds. Closing date Sunday 9th @ midnight.

Val, maybe you could be the first judge? Pretty please.