June Drops

My garden is battered, wet and lush. Luckily I put in plenty of stakes early on, but even so so extra support work is needed after yesterday’s wind. All the trees looked as though they were madly auditioning for a ‘because I’m worth it,’ hair tossing competition and this morning there are plenty of tattered green shreds on the ground.

For the photo competition

This afternoon my friend has her garden open in a village near Cheltenham – a whole group of them are open, which would be wonderful on a quintessentially warm June afternoon. Grey skies won’t pull the crowds. Continue reading “June Drops”


The aerial men came out today.
After months of a pixilated picture all broken up or frozen (on certain channels worse than others) we now have a new aerial, a boost box and clear pictures on the two TVs in the house. It wasn’t cheap, but I hope it’s worth it. We don’t watch a great deal of TV, but it is most frustrating when the one thing that deserves watching is in fact un-watchable because of a poor picture.

Whilst clambering on the roof the TV aerial man discovered that we have a wasp nest in the edge of the roof. The wasps didn’t appreciate his presence. Rather disconcerting for him. If it had been me discovering a swarm of wasps while I was on the roof I’d have fallen off. One good reason I’m not a TV aerial technician.

Anyway the wasp nest discovery explains the changed appearance of the wood on the porch. Continue reading “Nests”

Swift Premonition

On Tuesday morning I ran a little late for work. Not entirely unusual for me as I’m usually just trying to fit a few hundred jobs in between the boys leaving the house to catch the bus and getting myself ready to get in the car for work. I have just under an hour. Continue reading “Swift Premonition”