Three snippets for Cricket tragics

I posted this yesterday, but on reflection I felt that it was not really saying anything, so I deleted it. But since nobody else is posting (except dear old two-face), here it is again. It’s better than a blank page! 🙄

Luke Wright
As you are probably aware, our new domestic “get the public interested with glitz and glamour” competition is currently under way between eight teams in the T20 Big Bash.

What you may not know is that each team includes one or two players from overseas.   Chris Gayle, for example, Dan Vettori and so on, most of them well-known in Australia.

I had not previously been aware of  Luke Wright, a young Englishman playing in the Melbourne Stars, although I must have watched him at the Gabba a few weeks ago.   But yesterday in Tassie, against the Hobart Hurricanes he hit 117 off 60 balls, a phenomenal achievement that included nine sixes.   Luke may not be good enough for the English Test Team, but the crowds at Bellerive Oval loved him.

Travis Birt
He may have ‘only’ managed 51 off 23, but Travis achieved a hat-trick of sixes for the Hurricanes.  Have a squiz at the video clip.

Predictions for 2012
For those who haven’t already read it on Cricinfo, here’s a link to a wonderful article written by Sidin Vadukut, who uses his crystal ball to tell us What will happen in cricket in 2012.   Sidin has a way with words, and doesn’t mind who he pokes fun at.   Most enjoyable. 😀

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

11 thoughts on “Three snippets for Cricket tragics”

  1. All quiet on the Western Front, thanks for reposting.

    I’ve heard of Luke Wright. He has 76 ODI/T20 caps for England. (14 matches against us and 17 against you lot.) I seem to recall the odd reasonable game from him but nothing spectacular as his stats attest.

    The fox video doesn’t play in my area “Sorry, we’re unable to offer this video to users in your area” 😦

    I remember Adrian Kuiper hitting a hat trick of sixes off two balls against the Aussies!

    ” that day at the Wanderers against the Australians. South Africa, batting first and well in command at 245 for 5 at the end of the 49th over had now progessed into the 50th over. At the end of that 50th over Australia had conceded 26 runs all off the bat of Kuiper. The second last ball was hoisted over mid-wicket for a huge six and the last one was a no-ball. This was hit back over McDermott’s head for six. The eventual last ball was also hit for six – over mid-wicket! “

    I enjoyed Sidin’s column, thanks.

    First SA v SL ODI today, starts 12:30 gmt.

  2. I tried all sorts of tricks with the Fox video, but I couldn’t get it out of the page and into WordPress. All this silly dividing the globe up to make more money will be done away with eventually, but while it lasts it’s a blooming nuisance. 😦

    I shall keep an eye out for the ODI results, thanks.

  3. As a matter of syntactical interest and without prejudice, I recall that my extremely dear old English master used to say: “Like the word ‘alternative’, the word ‘between’ admits of only two partners. otherwise it’s ‘among’.

    These days the two are used indiscriminately but hey! that’s liberal education for you!

  4. Bearsy :

    I shall keep an eye out for the ODI results, thanks.

    Did you ever try my ball by ball radio link?

    The commentators are mostly awful but at least they keep me informed. You should be able to listen to the last hour or two (early a.m Brizzie time) on your PC.

  5. Janus – no, you’re wrong. You can use the word “between” when you are talking about distinct, individual items even if there are more than two of them. Go check!

    However, in this particular case, each match is between two teams, so among would be incorrect, anyway.

    You might do better learning some HTML so that your posts are not full of dozens of superfluous ‘div’s. 😀

  6. Soutie – I did, thanks, although I found it quite hard to understand the accent. I might try again. If I’m not mistaken, the match starts at 10:30 pm Brisbane time, this evening. 😕

  7. Bearsy, I beg to differ. The competition is among more than two.

    PS What are ” ‘div’s”? Is that apostrophe before the ‘s’ a possessive?

  8. Between you, me and the gate-post, Janus, it’s a quote of the HTML tag ‘div’, in the plural. That’s why there is a quote-mark either side of the word.

    Try saying “Among you, me and the gate-post” – nonsense, isn’t it? But perhaps you have never heard of that old colloquialism.

    When you’re in a hole, stop digging. 🙂

  9. Luke Wright – bless him, a talented individual who hasn’t quite hacked it at international level. He’s being playing well for Sussex for some time but really is, in footballing terms, a “super-sub”. He probably will flirt in and out of the English T20 and one-day team but will never cement a place.

    Disappointing coverage of the southern hemisphere cricket here, so thank you Bearsy, keep ’em coming. 😀

  10. G’day Bearsy and a Good New Year to you.

    The 2012 predictions are a delight, Most enjoyable as you say.

    The June one with Chanderpaul the Slow brought back fond memories of my first exposure to cricket at the age of seven. The 1956 Ashes Series. It was in the school holidays so, having googled, it has to have been the third match of the series at Headingley.

    My father suddenly announced that we had to go and visit his sister in Kelso as a matter of urgency. We were all packed into the car at the crack of dawn and set off for a drive that took about four hours in those days. We arrived just as Uncle Frank was warming up the TV for the day’s Test coverage. Just for the avoidance of doubt, we did not ourselves have a TV at that time.

    Mum, Auntie Mary and Big Sis took themselves off for the heady delights of Kelso town centre and I lay down in front of the telly and did the man thing with Dad and Uncle Frank. I can still remember their only worry about England winning was if they could get Jim Burke out or whether he would do again what he had done in the First Test – 58 not out in four hours to secure the draw.

    It all worked out fine, of course, ‘We’ won by an innings and 42 runs and I caught the cricket bug for ever,

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