Sports quote of the day

This from Telford Vice’s sports column in today’s Sunday Crimes Times

… that ineffectual collection of suits , the ………….. who look up from their trough of television money only when it is danger of not overflowing, would have squealed …………..

If it wasn’t so darn true it would be funny.

I’ve deliberately left blank the name of the organization (take a guess) and what they would have squealed about (complete quote lower down the page.)

Thought it too good not too share.

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They’ve started, (handy link to the official schedule here) there can only be one winner, so, what are you going to say if your team isn’t victorious?

Don’t worry, Alex Bowden over on ESPN’s Crickinfo has a list of ready made excuses for us.

Here they are…

They just weren’t tough enough. It’s not like the old days. This team just isn’t hard-nosed, aggressive or Australian enough. They don’t need to be any more talented. They just need to be angrier. Bring back Lillee and Thommo.

It was almost certainly the IPL. Not enough players are appearing in it and too many players want to appear in it. Secondly, Continue reading “ICC T20”

Eng vs S.A. (ODI’s)


The current ODI series between England and The Proteas will as you can see decide who tops the ICC rankings come Sept 5th.

Match 2 (of the 5 match series) a day / nighter starts at 12.00 GMT Tuesday 28th August, would you believe that the 1st game on Friday was washed out? With a 4 day break between matches why not have a reserve day? (or 2?) It’s time that the ‘men in suits’ who run the sport get with the programme!

But there’s more at stake then simply topping the ODI rankings for The Proteas.

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S.A. call for NATO to appear at the ICC

We are not talking International Cricket Council here but the International Criminal Court, the one that sits in The Hague!

Some here may remember that when our representative voted for the UN resolution to go and bomb the daylights out of Gadaffi and his mob that I suggested our representative on the Security Council perhaps mistook the vote for one of ordering lunch.

A couple of months later I reported that our lot admitted that they in fact had no idea at all what they had voted for and regretted the decision.

Well, would you believe that the second in command down here (that would be Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe) has now suggested, no, urged the International Criminal Court to investigate NATO and its commanders for ‘crimes against humanity.’ Continue reading “S.A. call for NATO to appear at the ICC”