Feed the monkey

Nasa decided they’d finally send a man up in a capsule after sending only monkeys in the earlier missions. They fire the man and the monkey into space. The intercom crackles, ‘Monkey, fire the retros.’ A little later, ‘Monkey, check the solid fuel supply.’

Later still, ‘Monkey, check the life support systems for the man’.

“The astronaut takes umbrage and radios Nasa, ‘When do I get to do something?’

“Nasa replies, ‘In 15 minutes – feed the monkey’.

This then was part of Roy Hodgson’s (the England football manager) half time team talk last Tuesday night,

It’s been labelled racist by some, inappropriate, innocent, harmless, generational (gap) by others. Continue reading “Feed the monkey”

The Terror of Facebook

I wonder if any of you saw this article in yesterday’s Telegraph concerning a photograph that appeared on Facebook that depicted a white man holding a rifle, kneeling over the apparently lifeless body of a black child. As may be imagined, the story still has currency in the South African press as investigations continue. Leaving aside the unpleasant nature of the photograph the incident has some ramifications for social networking here and possibly elsewhere around the world. Continue reading “The Terror of Facebook”