Good grief it’s cold!

This is about as cold as it gets, as I left the pub where we watched the rugby my car was showing 9º Centigrade, factor in the wind chill perhaps an effective 4º, it’s also pouring with rain, most unpleasant.

Perhaps you’d think that a 22 – 17 Springbok victory would cheer me up, well…. yes and no.

I had 22 – 12 in the pool, that was the score when the full time hooter sounded, I had the result on the nose!

But then Ben Foden touched down in the 82nd minute to spoil what was in any case a glorious afternoon.

Jo’burg next week and then right here in Algoa Bay on the 23rd, can’t wait!


10 thoughts on “9º”

  1. Goeie naand Janus

    Of course 😉

    Nobody expected England to win, the weather up in Durbs is like here, cold, wet and windy, a close game was a certainty, I thought England did well!

  2. Janus :

    PS Demark beat Holland in the Ukraine.

    I wasn’t aware that either of them played rugby or are we talking cricket? 😉

  3. Hi Soutie,

    That was enjoyable, apart from you missing out on the pool, of course.

    The first ‘Beast’ within the first few seconds! I felt that I was back there in Durban, sitting beside the Saffa cousins.

    Credit to some of the England team, Mike Brown in particular. But they are definitely still a work in progress and I think that they will struggle in the next Test at altitude.

    Some superb breaks from Habana. In my opinion.

  4. What on Earth are you all honkin’ about? It’s been lovely here again today. I fired up the trusty chainsaw this morning to pineapple the palm trees with the sun on my back, then threw some marinaded pig on the barbie to accompany a well-deserved cold one. After lunch I hoovered the pool and had a refreshing swim. Tonight I am watching the seleção giving Zer Chermanz a hoofing (hopefully).


  5. OZ, Commiserations on your loss. The elegantly gelled Ronaldo never really arrived and Nani as usual flattered to deceive. On balance the Krauts committed the more technical/cynical fouls.

  6. Morning all

    It’s STILL raining 😦

    My car is now showing 10º, another cold and wet day, not too much wind though and the clouds don’t look as heavy as yesterday, here’s hoping it clears up (and off) later.

  7. Howzit JM

    Lot of trepidation here (prior to the match) after the retirement of Victor, Bakkies and John Smit and of course injuries to a few key players, a very good result for us could have been a bigger margin but for Morne Steyn’s kicking, you would know that when the wind comes through and around the stands at Kings Park kicking is anything but easy, that isn’t going to happen at Ellis Park or here, both stadia are fully enclosed so the wind might blow but is at least consistent.

    The midweek games will give England a great opportunity to experiment with their combinations.

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