Eng vs S.A. (ODI’s)


The current ODI series between England and The Proteas will as you can see decide who tops the ICC rankings come Sept 5th.

Match 2 (of the 5 match series) a day / nighter starts at 12.00 GMT Tuesday 28th August, would you believe that the 1st game on Friday was washed out? With a 4 day break between matches why not have a reserve day? (or 2?) It’s time that the ‘men in suits’ who run the sport get with the programme!

But there’s more at stake then simply topping the ODI rankings for The Proteas.

It’s been well reported that after the thrashing handed out to England by The Proteas over the recent Test series that The Proteas became the top ranked test side but did you know this…

That’s right folks, when The Proteas win the current ODI series against England (and that’s going to take some effort now that the series has effectively been reduced to just 4 matches) The Proteas will be the official number one ranked team in all three forms of the game. Respect.

For official rankings of all playing countries (just in case your team isn’t mentioned in the brief tables here, which I’ve restricted to the upper echelons of the game for space reasons) simply click any of the above tables or here

7 thoughts on “Eng vs S.A. (ODI’s)”

  1. Hello Soutie,

    Work commitments willl mean I’ll miss both ODI’s this week. Need to catch the highlights shows. You know I was never much into the shorter format of the game (now upgraded to middle format) until 20/20 cricket was introduced. Without Petey I still fancy our chances though it would be a brave man that betted against the Proteas completing the Triple crown or as we call it round here, the LW.

    Thanks for the graphs. It’s only footnotes that get my goat, statistics are alright.

  2. Good morning TR

    There were of course some who a while ago were mourning (or rejoicing, depending which side of the fence they were on) the death of the 50 over game, then along came last year’s World Cup which proved that if you give cricket lovers what they want (and that quite simply is cricket, cricket and more cricket) they will fill the stadiums and watch the broadcasts.

    To be honest, I’m not to happy with the selection of The Proteas squad, time will tell.

    Did you see the brilliant spoof KP interview that I posted on Janus’ plastic Brits post? Sort of sums up the ECB’s position quite nicely πŸ™‚

  3. It would be good to see a full series played between these two great sides. England need to hold on to their rankings having already lost their test place.

  4. In the ODI format ranking points are allocated after each game, unlike Test cricket where tables are adjusted at the end of the series, so, as a result of last nights emphatic victory at the bowl in Southampton the table now looks like this…

    Putting The Proteas at the top of the log in all 3 formats πŸ™‚

    …and all South African cricket lovers on top of the moon!

    Can they stay there ’till the end of the series? One more win should do it.

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