Dog days

Like everything else, even the hot and sultry weeks old Srius used to offer us have changed – to cool and damp. And countless Charioteers (at least I have lost count) are taking their R and R away from the proferred joys of our W and W (er…. wit and wisdom?).

The remaining participants are ‘off’ politics, off royalty, off meteorological mysteries – so what’s left? The culinary arts, garden rescue, tales of times past….and of course, love – the passion that drives us.

Better to let sleeping dogs lie, eh?

Wilt thou be…..?

Our Valentines?

We are enjoying the return of several of the chariot’s prodigal sons of late, but no sign of the lost distaff side returning. Boa herself, Sheona, FoE, Arrers and Christina still keep us in check though.

So now it’s time to whisper sweet nothings to our ladies, in the hope that others will be tempted back by our unbridled passion. Innit?

Select few

Almost everyone’s gone. Maybe not to the moon (but who knows?). And parting is such…er….sorrow. Especially when y’all left without so much as a flounce, a strop or a fond farewell. Was it something we said or failed to say? Was it fickle fate that tempted you to pastures new? Was it the Big House or twatter or facebonk?

No answers unless you’re planning to stick around. Excuses are so yesterday.