Monday, June 17 on the Hudson, Newburg to Sauguties

Delayed start this morning , had to stock up on essentials, wine, beer and bread with taxi run to the local market.

 Away at 10 towards Saugities about 50 miles  upriver.

 First an anticline for Mrs. O,

ac s

or maybe not, I was no great shakes at Geology.

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Queued Up.

I’m back from another place and have queued a lot in the process of going and coming.  Departure tax payment, airport check in, bag drop, passport examination, security check, flight boarding to name just those involving departure and with two changes (one involving a US border entry) and a final wait for my checked bags.  I lost the will to count them all.

They have taken all the fun out of queueing.  In the old days one would arrive at the queues, (and there were always as many queues as there were servers), and with a practiced eye one could quickly evaluate the options, length of queue, number of families in each line, number of bags per person in line, gender and age of those in line, estimated nationality of those in line and finally, and most importantly, the gender and estimated national origin of the servers.  The fastest service could be almost guaranteed by choosing that queue of bored, sober-suited, middle-aged, white gents with small carry-on bags waiting, with paperwork in hand, for the highly efficient oriental lady server with the indestructible work ethic.  You could be through and out in seconds, step forward, slap down your docs., two questions, “Did you pack…?” “Did anyone give…?”  Machine spits out boarding card and you’re gone.  She would be pushing them through about two per minute, easy.

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Shipping Out

I’m off on vacation for the next few weeks, starting Monday, heading for sunny Tortola and a little winter warmth, no cell phone, no internet, no worries, should be back about March 6.

In the meantime here is a wee pome for the weather comp.

 Shipping Forecast

It’s a comfort to know, when the barometer’s low
That Malin’s expecting a gale
It’s a long way from me, and somewhere at sea
Where the wind is beginning to wail

And in the same blow is expected some snow
For Hebrides, Bailey, Fair Isle
It’s all one to me, I’m Lundy you see
So I listen to this with a smile

The isles of Faeroe, are in an ice floe
Iceland, Viking and Forties – a fright
Cromarty’s sleet, Forth, Tyne, Dogger are beat
By Fisher’s storm in from the bight.

The Humber/Thames rain will cause Dover pain
And Wight will get little sun
Portland, Plymouth they say will be worse than Biscay
And Trafalgar and Fitzroy are done

The Sole chance for me, is the Irish Sea
Which, with Fastnet, may turn it astray
I’ll stay in the house, be quiet as a mouse
And hope that it all goes away.

On this day 35 years ago.

Voyager 1 was launched. About the size of a small car it carries some cameras and scientific instruments. It has been for some years the most distant man made object from the Earth (Currently it is more than eleven billion miles distant from the Sun and receding rapidly). It may already be the first man made object to leave the Solar System.

Before leaving it did the Grand Tour of the known planets and sent back pictures of Jupiter’s Red Spot, erupting volcanoes on Io, traces of water under the ice of Europa and methane rain on Titan, all unexpected discoveries.

It flies on, with sufficient fuel for instruments and communications until at least 2020, it is, of course, nuclear powered.

End of an Era.

Johnny finally acknowledges what we all knew and hangs up his International boots…

To say I have played through four World Cups, two Lions tours, 91 international games and a ridiculous number of injuries and other setbacks gives me an incredibly special feeling of fulfilment.

Not a bad achievement at all, I would hazard to say.

Not just a kicker…