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Almost everyone’s gone. Maybe not to the moon (but who knows?). And parting is such…er….sorrow. Especially when y’all left without so much as a flounce, a strop or a fond farewell. Was it something we said or failed to say? Was it fickle fate that tempted you to pastures new? Was it the Big House or twatter or facebonk?

No answers unless you’re planning to stick around. Excuses are so yesterday.


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

18 thoughts on “Select few”

  1. Good to see that we have someone holding the fort Janus 🙂

    We each have our own priorities in life. The Chariot is not one of ine, although I do like to pop in now and again.

  2. Well personally I have found this move to be far more aggravation than I anticipated. So much to do and so little help. if I get people in he gets bent out of shape. Neither of us are getting any younger or in better health. But then one cannot come here and whine too often!!!
    May I suggest that none of us are getting any younger, we have been hanging out here for a good many years now! Interestingly I have become more and more fed up with computers, always going wrong and such a fag to do anything. Got to the point I either pick up a telephone or write a letter, seems a deal safer these days!

  3. Janus, you are just so impatient. I’m still here – well as much as I am anywhere on the internet these day. I take part in the monthly short story comp Elsewhere, but that’s about it!


    I sympathise with the effort it takes to move. I still haven’t unpacked yet and the house is still packed with stuff I really must get rid off! We have far too much furniture despite re-homing five chests of drawers and it’s a mess. Still we did manage to have the outside decorated and hopefully the inside will be started this side of Christmas. It’s almost impossibly difficult to find someone reliable in this part of the world!

  4. But, but – just look at the ‘fringes’: no kids, no Huns, no Yanks, no Canadians and hardly any cockroaches.

    Btw you are one of the few.

  5. Christine, it sounds a bit as though your husband is like me. I don’t hire help. When we moved last October from Toulouse down to Spain, I did it all myself. I managed it all but spent the next 3-4 months with a bad back, tennis elbow and a dicky knee.
    I am just about recovered a year later.

    Oh and I should mention that I calculated the cost of all of the trips in my Landrover and twice van hire from Carrefour, petrol, motorway fees etc and determined that I had saved about 10% over the cost of hiring a firm to do it all for me.

  6. Hi Janus, I pop in from time to time looking for an argument, but nobody seems to say anything remotely contentious these days. The few posts that do appear are, for the most part, pretty dull. Sorry for that, as they say in this part of the world.

  7. You know how it is when we’re travelling, Janus. Dodgy hotel internet connections and don’t mention the one on the ferry! We spent yesterday in Burgos and were recommended La Quinta del Monje. It was a great experience. A superb choice of tapas and as more people arrived, more trays of food were brought out from the kitchen. This is cruelty to dumb tourists, I think. Just when you think you’ve eaten enough, another tray of temptation emerges. The waiter/barman recommended a very good Rioja and we felt definitely part of the crowd despite my feeble Spanish. Today we’re in Salamanca, still hot on the tapas (or pinchos as they’re known in the north) trail and off to Portugal tomorrow.

    I have to say I’m getting fed up with photos all over the press of crowds of illegals, especially when it’s a crowd of young men looking as iff they’re off to a football match with a grinning Vietnamese in the front row of the chorus. Looks like genuine Syrian refugees have been taken over by rent-a-mob. Time to start shipping them back to Libya. Oh Angela, what a mess you’ve made.

  8. Sheona, welcome to Spain. I hope the weather is better for you than here on the Costa Duarada.
    We have had 3 days of awful weather and today is 15C. We may put the heating on tonight. 😦

  9. Today is ‘The Fun Dog Day’ in the village Mrs J and I are debating whether or not to go, and whether to take our ‘fun’ dogs with us.

    Painting and decorating isn’t much fun and IMHO not often worth the effort. If I had my way I would paint everything white, confining colour to carpets and hangings.

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