12 thoughts on “Dear Christopher”

  1. But here’s something to coax him back: neckties are no longer mandatory for male MPs! Shock horror! It is the top of a slippery slope towards the Danish model: members turning up in T-shirts and shorts.

  2. You’re back ….. and front, I trust. 🙂

    Ref. Dame Edna – the trans-transition will soon arrive in the House, I’m sure.

  3. As for explanations… My absence had nothing to do with beaches, holidays, Asia or anything of the sort. This summer I have taken on five courses in order to help fund my move to Dorset. I haven’t had much desire to read or write any more than is necessary for work. That, and I concluded that I had probably annoyed a few of my fellow Charioteers and that it wouldn’t hurt to let the dust settle a bit.

  4. One door closes, another traps your fingers, yes. But philosopher that you are, you will seize the day, climb back into your wine-jar and tell Alexander to stop blocking the sunlight.

  5. Well and truly, Janus. After I get through a few more discussion posts and edit another lecture I’ll what I can come up with. At the moment I’m reading Barry Humphries’ “My Life as Me” and that’s giving me some inspiration.

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