Dog days

Like everything else, even the hot and sultry weeks old Srius used to offer us have changed – to cool and damp. And countless Charioteers (at least I have lost count) are taking their R and R away from the proferred joys of our W and W (er…. wit and wisdom?).

The remaining participants are ‘off’ politics, off royalty, off meteorological mysteries – so what’s left? The culinary arts, garden rescue, tales of times past….and of course, love – the passion that drives us.

Better to let sleeping dogs lie, eh?

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

10 thoughts on “Dog days”

  1. Apologies for above – just breaking in new laptop. I wanted to say that perhaps people are still stunned by events in Spain and Finland.

  2. Testing times indeed. 😦

    Turku is a particularly unlikely place for such an atrocity. A lovely, quiet town with no obvious history or status to provide motivation for terrorists.

  3. Janus: That is precisely why Turku is an ideal target for terrorists. One expects that terror attacks occur in places like London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, etc. They’re major tourist centres, they’re national capitals, they’re economic engines. Well, the latter doesn’t apply to Berlin but you get the point. If anything, we’ve become inured to attacks on major cities. It’s when places like Turku, Kalmar, Kolding, Trier or Dorchester are attacked that we really begin to question things. Where are we safe? Is there still a thing as safety?

  4. It’s hard to tell in a time of social media-aided terrorism. A few angry, embittered young men get radicalised after reading propaganda online and get the idea to hit where people least expect. That, or they found themselves bored in Turku and decided to launch their attack closest to where they were.

  5. I’m following the story of the Danish chap with a home-made submarine and a deceased Swedish journalist. Do many Danes build their own submarines? Is it the Danish equivalent of “Would you like to see my etchings”?

  6. Sheona, I have learnt to my detriment that the average Danish male can turn his hand to anything. A submarine is child’s play. 😉

  7. Janus – I’m just letting you know I am alive and kicking. I haven’t looked in for some months but will try and add colour to the site before too long. I am seriously thinking of retiring this coming Autumn half term to leave the wonderful independent autistic school where I work. Henceforth I will concentrate on writing and music projects – a book even. I will fan through the posts of the last few months so may fling in a comment or two – but I don’t do politics, only flower arranging (though I do learn and read from Christopher. )

    I do have good friends in Turku and thankfully all are safe. So wishing everyone well and I hope to contribute soon.


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