On yer bike, boyo!

Christina hasn’t been here recently but perhaps she will be lured by mention of Geraint the Gears, now Roi du Tour. Well ridden G! You are now as famous as Sam the Scrum and Gareth the Goals, fellow scions of Whitchurch High and its fêted PE teacher, Mr Williams.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

9 thoughts on “On yer bike, boyo!”

  1. No hide nor hair of CO or Cog then. Pity. We are entering another downward staircase, I’m afraid.

  2. CO and I are still amongst the living. She’s been busy up t0 the oarlocks, coping with the vegetable garden bounty, and I’ve been away visiting family.
    There, now, isn’t that better than saying that we hate you all and want nothing further to do with you?

  3. Chuckle!

    Cog, that’s a perfect example of the type of humour that used to get me into trouble as a younger man. Unusually sophisticated for a Yank, though. 😎

  4. ‘Oarlocks’? When one Googles, one finds that our American cousins have limpeted on to yet another archaic usage.

    It would appear that ‘oarlock’ was coined in the 11th Century but that proper English had moved on to ‘rowlock’ by the 18th Century. From whence, or just whence (to keep Bearsy happy), we euphonised to ‘rollocks’. Which is, in my opinion, a thoroughly satisfactory British English word, redolent of jolly boating weather and pulling together with all our might.

    Moving on, depressingly, if you spell check ‘euphonised’, t’Internet offers ‘euphonized’.

    Which is, of course, another American English abomination.

    Mind you, Cog, had you but had the benefit of learning your English in Caledonia (stern and wild), like JW and myself, you would have been able to assure us that CO was up to her oxters, coping-wise. Now there’s a good word!

  5. Whence euphemistically Home Counties speech could politely describe rubbish as a load of rollocks.

    At least it could when I were a lad. 😎

  6. Cog, me hearty! In my own far*-from-the-seaside haunts, we heard about being ‘full to the gunwales’ – another ship’s location, adjacent to one’s rowlocks, up to which one should avoid being too full! Not to be confused with your other gunnel such as swims in your inshore waters, an eel-like blenny no less. 🙂

    * far = 100 miles, which on your side of the pond is quite close.

  7. Janus, I had hoped that moving away from Denmark and scandi noir might improve your outlook on the future of the Chariot. I can only hope you’re not another Cassandra.

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