Spider time

It has felt like September for a couple of weeks now and the garden has taken on a distinctively ‘early Autumn’ look, with leaves turning and spiders’ gossamer glinting in sunlight, or glistening with dew or raindrops in the early morning.

??????????The hedgerows are full of berries: rose-hips, haws, blackberries, sloes and many others. Just off to pick a few more sloes. Anyone have a good recipe for sloe gin?

Settling in

Life is rather busy with a number of unexpected events overtaking us, as well as the start of sixth form for my youngest and the prospect of planning for University for my eldest – however Greg has settled in quite nicely among the turmoil. He is highly socialised, having come from a large family with lots of other pets… so he wasn’t fazed by Pippi’s rejections and slowly she is coming around to accepting him.

So September’s here with all its spiders and webs, night’s drawing in, early dew point and the smell of Autumn in the air. Continue reading “Settling in”

Autumn colours

While out and about on Saturday with my camera I found that the Autumn is arriving rather earlier than usual here in Oxfordshire, and looking around I have discovered this is due to the rather dry Spring we had here. The soil in my garden is still very dry and lots of growth has died back early, but there’s still a fair bit of colour.

Here, the cyclamen thrive under the cherry tree Continue reading “Autumn colours”