Grey Bay

Ja well, this is an entry taken yesterday for the current photo competition, ‘favourite thing(s)’ An explanation follows –

I initially wanted a picture of our bay (Algoa Bay.) It was a life changer for me, over 20 years ago, recently married, I decided that Johannesburg and the big smoke was no place to raise a family, my wife agreed. One holiday we got in a car and drove Johannesburg – Durban – East London -Port Elizabeth – Wilderness – Cape Town – Johannesburg, a trip of over 2,000 miles.

On our return we compared the relative pros and cons of each of the coastal areas we had visited and decided to upsticks and move to Port Elizabeth. It’s probably fair to say that almost everyday of my life, while driving I see the bay and it reminds me of why I’m here.

I could of course have taken a ‘postcard’ picture of sparkling blue waters, golden beaches and clear skies but then you’d have missed another of my favourite things, rain!

I’ve often written about the water shortages and droughts that strike our part of Africa every 6 / 7 years or so, I’ve learned over the years to never complain about the rain, in fact most in these parts welcome it, we never know when our next dry spell may occur.

And that billboard in the picture (just right of center) is advertising what I hear you ask? Here let me help –

Rugby’s biggest party!

Two more of my favourite things, live top class international or 1st division rugby (Super rugby) at our very own new Nelson Mandela Bay stadium, of which I’ve attended often and frequently written.

Sorry about the grainy enlargement here, but I did want the billboard in the overall shot.

So there you have it OZ (and co-adjudicator(s)) four favourite things for the price of one!

6 thoughts on “Grey Bay”

  1. So are places with rain!
    I so hate dry, all that shrivelled yellowed vegetation and all the trees grey green.
    Interesting picture (we won’t mention that stadium!)

  2. Evening all

    christinaosborne :

    Interesting picture

    I was unlucky with the picture, from the vantage point that I took the pic one could just see a horizon where the grey ocean waters met the overcast sky, but a light drizzle started and obscured it, but hey that’s art! Gotta leave a little to the imagination what?

  3. I thought I’d show cherished colleagues where I took the picture from.

    I was on the deck at the Pitch and Putter restaurant & pub, it was converted some 20 years ago from house to eatery. I’m perhaps there once a week, everything on the menu half price Tuesday and Thursday 🙂

  4. Oh dear, from that central reservation one can see how little rain you receive! Looks like Arizona!
    Sea and sky seamlessly joining reminds me of Wales. One rarely sees anything else! But there is always the sliver lining, constant rain in Wales keeps out the immigrants, except the Poles!!! One must suppose the weather in Poland is even worse than Carmarthenshire!

  5. Them’ll be aloes in the middle, indigenous and available free by the thousand, pretty red flowers when in bloom. this particular road, being a steep down hill is prone to many accidents, I suggest that our parks dept have put aloes there because they’re hardy, quick and easy to replace and free!

    A quick google tells me average annual rainfall Port Elizabeth 24in, Phoenix 8in.

    Most of our water however comes from dams at the foot of mountain ranges perhaps 50-100 miles west of here, much higher rainfall there.

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