How not to unload a container

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I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon, there I was, driving down a rather busy main road in one of our industrial areas and saw this, a perfect example of how not to unload a container.

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Funny radio ad

Our national broadcaster is very kindly broadcasting every game of the cricket world cup, I always have a match on while driving around here and this ad is flighted reasonably often, it always makes me smile. So I thought that a few cherished colleagues might like it.

Here it is: funny ad (Simply click and select ‘open’ when prompted)


Bull elephant rolls car

Some of you may remember our trip up to Sun City in late 2009 and a day at the neighbouring Pilanesberg game reserve, look what happened last week.


He's big isn't he?

“An elderly couple escaped with minor injuries after a massive bull elephant turned their car upside down this week. Continue reading “Bull elephant rolls car”

Here is the News

How I laughed at midday today, here’s the lead story from my local radio station (Algoa FM), you’ve got to admire the cheek of the officer!

Cheap lamb chops anyone?

“A detective constable from the Upington stock theft unit appeared in the Upington Magistrate’s Court on Friday after allegedly trying to get two sheep from a suspected stock thief, Northern Cape police said.

He was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly demanded two sheep from a suspected stock thief, which he wanted “for the festive period”, in exchange for not arresting the man.

The man contacted the unit’s commander, and co-operated with police in setting up a meeting with the constable, at which the sheep were handed over and the constable was then arrested.”

If that wasn’t funny enough here’s the second item in the bulletin;-

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A chap up in Jhb has been charged with obstructing the ends of justice for posting warnings of speed camera locations on Twitter.

Identified so far only as ‘Cliff’ he apparently  has a following of some 20,000 motorists, here is a sample of some of his tweets –

Three piggies dust bathing in the shade by Epsom downs. Trapping,

Pork chops sitting under the shade with a speed camera on Jan Smuts Corner Adith Road coming from JHB CBD,

In his tweets, Cliff refers to traffic police as “pigs”, “porkers” or “bacon rashers”.

News 24 reports that Cliff has now hired a lawyer and that nobody is quite sure if a crime has been committed or not!

PigSpotter has an innocent explanation for the term “pig” he uses to describe metro cops – according to him, it is an abbreviation for Police in Gauteng. (Gauteng of course being the name of the Province)

I rather like the term ‘dust bathing’ 🙂