Bull elephant rolls car

Some of you may remember our trip up to Sun City in late 2009 and a day at the neighbouring Pilanesberg game reserve, look what happened last week.


He's big isn't he?

“An elderly couple escaped with minor injuries after a massive bull elephant turned their car upside down this week. A visitor to the North West park, IT specialist Riaan van Wyk, watched – and caught the shenanigans on camera- as the impressive beast approached the car and simply flipped it onto its roof. the entire drama was over in a matter of minutes.”

Too close for comfort




Elephant 1 – Motorist 0

There’s a few more pictures here from one of our Afrikaans newspapers

15 thoughts on “Bull elephant rolls car”

  1. tocino :

    I wonder what happened to the old boys tail?

    Let me tell you the tale of the tail Tocino.

    There was a circus parade going through a town and all the elephants were in the procession holding trunk to tail, as they do. There were nineteen massive elephants in total with a little tiny baby elephant bringing up the rear. As the parade went over a level crossing an express train hurtled through and hit the baby elepahent at speed, sending it hurtling up the track to its doom. When the bill from the circus came into the railway company they were aghast at the five million pounds claimed. When they asked how a baby elephant could be worth five million pounds they were told to remember the the arses had been ripped of nineteen others.

  2. Evening all, can you imagine the insurance claim?

    Claim: Elephant tipped car over

    Reply: Were you possibly drinking at the time? Was it a pink elephant perhaps?


  3. Wonderful photos; he seems to be playing, but I hope he doesn’t get the idea that this is a fun thing to do.

    I guess the poor car owners were not amused.

  4. Tourists, were they? I think that if I had been driving along that track and come upon that big boy, I would probably have conceded right of way πŸ™‚

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