A chap up in Jhb has been charged with obstructing the ends of justice for posting warnings of speed camera locations on Twitter.

Identified so far only as ‘Cliff’ he apparently  has a following of some 20,000 motorists, here is a sample of some of his tweets –

Three piggies dust bathing in the shade by Epsom downs. Trapping,

Pork chops sitting under the shade with a speed camera on Jan Smuts Corner Adith Road coming from JHB CBD,

In his tweets, Cliff refers to traffic police as “pigs”, “porkers” or “bacon rashers”.

News 24 reports that Cliff has now hired a lawyer and that nobody is quite sure if a crime has been committed or not!

PigSpotter has an innocent explanation for the term “pig” he uses to describe metro cops – according to him, it is an abbreviation for Police in Gauteng. (Gauteng of course being the name of the Province)

I rather like the term ‘dust bathing’ 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pigspotter”

  1. Many years ago, the AA (breakdown service) used to have smartly liveried patrolmen on Motor bikes with coffin shaped sidecars roaming all over the land to give assistance to members of the AA who’s cars had broken down. If they were driving along and saw a car coming towards them bearing an AA badge, they would snap up a very smart military salute as they passed by. If however they did NOT salute a member it meant the plod was waiting further down the road with a speed trap. Happy days.

  2. In Zimbabwe earlier this year, I was stopped for speeding. The cop showed me the reading on his speed gun. It said 97 in an 80 k limit. I said it could not possibly be calibrated correctly and that he should test it against another passing car. He did. 79. And another 70. So, I said to him show me that I was speeding. Where does it display my speed? He had deleted any record. So I got off. I do love Africa.

  3. Hiya, Sipu. In the UK they send you a photograph of your car with the date, time and speed recorded attached to a demand for payment of the fine. I know this because someone received one of these and posted back a photograph of a couple of fifty pound notes. He received in return a polaroid of a pair of handcuffs and had no option but to pay, noting that Mr. Bacon Rasher did have a sense of humour after all.


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