My good friend Gerrie was murdered yesterday

I have no words


He’d been shot in an attempted robbery, he sped off crashed into a car and hit a tree.

My wife drove past and stopped, she called the emergency services it was too late.I arrived within 15 minutes, nothing that I could do but stop the looters, God, I was angry, still am.

I’d known Gerrie for probably 20 years or more, my wife and I saw in the millenium at ‘his’ club all those years ago.

’tis but a short quick reminder of what we have to deal with here, life for me and mine will go on, how long? We’ll see.

E.P. Herald article here


22 thoughts on “My good friend Gerrie was murdered yesterday”

  1. Soutie, words seem to be inadequate, but, for what it’s worth, I feel deeply sorry that you have lost a close friend in this awful way.

  2. It seems so bad there I really cannot understand why the whites do not cut their losses and leave.
    Can’t see that it is worth it.
    I’m sorry that it has hit you personally.

  3. Commiserations, Soutie, to Gerrie’s family and to you and yours. I still have friends in the wilder parts of the world who have experienced much the same, but I love those places nonetheless, as do they still.


  4. The dreams and promises of Mandela’s Rainbow Nation lie in tatters as another loved one’s life ends violently and as swiftly as a candle being blown out. What is simply another bloody statistic for the world’s press, is the abrupt end of your friend’s life; sad and horrific the news must have been for you…

  5. Shocking news, Soutie; it’s terrible that you have lost your friend in such dreadful circumstances. A sad loss for Gerrie’s family, yours and all his friends.

  6. It’s sad to lose a good friend and even sadder in such terrible and wasteful circumstances. It was two nations years ago and it seems to remain two nations with one valuing life and the other treating another’s life as they would a beetle under their foot.
    This is not to decry any particular race but it seems to me as if the world is polarising into those few who wish harm to the many and the many who just wish to get on with their lives in peace, and peace is becoming a rare commodity these days.
    My deep condolences to you and yours Soutie and to your friends family.

  7. Hi Soutie, I am really sorry to hear of this. As you say, it makes one God-damned angry. I know that many people think we are mad to live here because of such events, but you and I both know that there is so much about Africa that makes us want to stay. What deeply upsets me, on a broader scale, is that there is no hope for this wonderful continent. It conspires to destroy those that love it. It is like being in love with a woman who you know despises you. Hamba gashle, shamwari.

  8. Soutie, I am so very to hear this awful and shocking news. It is a very sobering thought that one can be targeted like this in such cold blood. It is chilling news; a reminder that we must in all circumstances be vigilant about our comings and goings.

  9. Soutie,

    I haven’t the first clue what to say, even if I did it probably wouldn’t be any use.

    Small furry thoughts for you, for what its worth.

  10. Soutie, you’ll surely be going through all the stages of grief right now. I will be thinking of you on that journey. My deepest sympathies to all of Gerrie’s family and friends.

    Reading all the comments, this is a very strange cyber world that we inhabit. With a few exceptions, none of us of have met in the flesh and the only things that we ‘know’ about each other are the personal bits of information that we have chosen to share. There is, however, genuine warmth and concern in those comments, in my opinion.

    For my part, I believe that you are a noble-spirited people living in a great country. It has its problems, as all countries do, but I still hope that South Africa is not going to implode and that your rainbow nation has a future.

    I have only spent a month there, in the company of my wife’s cousins, but it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Said cousins and all their friends and children were realists, knew that anything could happen at any time and all had their exit strategies. That did not diminish by one iota the deep love of their nation and their continent that they all clearly felt.

    Long live South Africa and RIP Gerrie.

  11. So sorry to read about your friend, Soutie. Appalling for his family and everyone that knows him.
    Shocking waste of a good life.

  12. Soutie

    Like Ferret, I have no idea what to say and doubt that anything I might say would be of any use. My thoughts are with you.

  13. Good morning all.

    Thank you for the kind words, we have good days and bad days, Monday was undoubtedly one of my worst.

    The area where this happened is a known trouble spot, events such as this remind us to never let our guard down, the chances of the assailant(s) being apprehended are remote, a stark reminder that the criminal element here consider life cheap.

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