6 thoughts on “My dashboard”

  1. Hello Soutie: Did it drop a bit when the car got moving, mine usually reads high if the car sits in the sun (it never gets up there). Just for calibration it was 17F here this morning, that’s -8C, I’d be glad to meet you halfway that would be about 19C, very comfortable.

  2. Put your car in the shade then – and buy some petrol lest the pump sucks up all the cr*p at the bottom of your tank. Oh, and the inside of your car needs dusting. 🙂


  3. Howzit LW, ja it drops down quite quickly, I think that 45 is the highest I’ve seen it for probably 5 years or more, couldn’t resist taking a pic.

    When I was up in Kimberley last year I had to grab the manual for the car, the temperature had what looked like a snowdrop icon in front of it! (obviously denoting minus, ja well I know that now!)

  4. Thanks OZ, great advice, just not sure if I’ll ignore it in the sequence that you’ve written it, I think I’ll probably ignore it back to front, dust, petrol, shade 😉

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