Barmy Army Pub

Stopped outside here today and popped in for a beer, it was hot, very hot, no not the beer, the weather!

Cold beer available

That’s my parking bay right outside the front door, it’s actually a bus stop and taxi rank but if  you are on a delivery our traffic cops don’t usually don’t hassle us.

It opened early 2003, just in time for the World Cup and was established by a mate of mine, the pub’s currently on it’s fourth owner.

When it originally opened the top left corner had a Union Jack displayed instead of the cross of St. George, snag was the Union Jack was painted upside down, you know, with the thick white band the wrong way round!

Where is it you might ask, in Rink Street about a 2 minute walk from St George’s Park (our world-famous test cricket venue.)

What’s the point of the post I hear some of you say, I’m just testing out my new picture library and needed a guinea pig!

Thanks 😉

And yes, that is my hairdresser next door, quite handy having a pub as a waiting room.

14 thoughts on “Barmy Army Pub”

  1. Thanks Soutie!

    I try to use my own WordPress site for single pictures – and I did exactly the same as you, made my site private and woops! no pictures here!

    Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use my own storage for slideshows.

  2. Hello Boa

    Ja well I’ve always been concerned about the capacity for picture storage here which is why I’ve always used my Picassa library in the past. After we had problems with my ‘signposts’ I decided to find an alternative, this will work just fine!

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