Our poppies

Poppy sticker from The S.A.Legion

As you can see, we don’t do lapel type poppies down here, haven’t done for years, perhaps it’s the cost.

Our Legion prints stickers and ‘sells’ them for a small donation.

The only public wearing will be on Remembrance Sunday and the 11th, no public showing before or after (that I’ve noticed) ever.

The stickers are 50mm (2 inches) square, as you can see, I’ve stuck one on my phone.


3 thoughts on “Our poppies”

  1. Interesting Soutie. I can’t say I’ve noticed many people here wearing them much before the 11th either.

    As you’re probably aware, the main day for honouring the fallen here is Anzac Day, 25th April. That is a Public Holiday and always commemorated on that day – no shifting to make a long weekend. That said, at 11 a.m. on the 11th of November Australia stops for two minute silence.

  2. I see that a row has erupted on John Snow’s (described as a 63-year-old veteran Channel 4 News presenter) decision not to wear a poppy except on the 11th.

    “they died that we might be free to wear a Poppy whenever we wish. i (sic) wish to wear mine on Remembrance Sunday,” he wrote.

    “When you wish to wear yours is your business. Compelling people to wear poppies because YOU think they OUGHT to is precisely the Poppy fascism, or intolerance, that I have complained of in the past” he is reported to have said.

    I can live with that, not sure about the ‘fascism‘ bit but then of course I’m not there.

    DT report

  3. I thought I’d read about his decision last year to do the same thing – and I was right. I agree with him wholeheartedly… it has to be a personal choice.

    On a different, but related note, I find the practice of promoting ‘Occasions’ ever and ever earlier quite abhorrent – I was even contemplating writing a post on it. I left the the UK around the 24th August. There were Christmas decorations in the shops then. There is a season for all things and, I think, a need for ‘space’ in between.

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