Here is the News

How I laughed at midday today, here’s the lead story from my local radio station (Algoa FM), you’ve got to admire the cheek of the officer!

Cheap lamb chops anyone?

“A detective constable from the Upington stock theft unit appeared in the Upington Magistrate’s Court on Friday after allegedly trying to get two sheep from a suspected stock thief, Northern Cape police said.

He was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly demanded two sheep from a suspected stock thief, which he wanted “for the festive period”, in exchange for not arresting the man.

The man contacted the unit’s commander, and co-operated with police in setting up a meeting with the constable, at which the sheep were handed over and the constable was then arrested.”

If that wasn’t funny enough here’s the second item in the bulletin;-

“A drunk motorist driving a van was arrested near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday night with a blood alcohol content of 1.6g/100ml – 32 times over the permissible limit.

The driver of the Mercedes Benz Vito was arrested at about 11pm, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Transport. The permissible blood alcohol limit is 0.05g/100ml.

A further six people, who were in the vehicle with 15 sheep allegedly stolen from near-by farms, were also arrested.”

(Don’t ask me if the sheep ” were also arrested”, I honestly don’t know :))

I found news reports here and here

I love the first report, the guy nicks a whole load of sheep and then reports the officer for corruption, you couldn’t make it up!

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