That’s not music, this is music

Slayer is a way of life.

Of the big four, they play the purest form of Thrash Metal. Mozart was, allegedly, accused of making too many notes. I would Eden Hazard a guess that a four minute Slayer song will have more notes in it than any of Agadoos’ symphonies. The speed and intricacy of the guitar solos are mesmerising. Memorising them is a walk on part for these guitar geniuses.

Then there’s the drums. You don’t get many double bass drums in classical music. That would be a drum too far for those “virtuosos”. They couldn’t keep up to our beat.

The bassist/singer of Slayer, Tomas Enrique Araya Diaz, might look like a Billy Connolly lookalike but this Big Tam was born in Chile. There’s a lot of nice wines come from Chile. No really, there is. I don’t know if it’s Global Warming, Climate Change or Alec Salmond, there’s something in the chilled Chile that slays the opposition.

Parental guidance. The following video contains swearing.

Live Fast. On High. Repentless. Let it Ride.

Play it Loud.

A new entry at Number Ten

It’s (What a start! Talk about courage) always good when one of our own crack the sky. Treading lightly at number 10 in the UK album charts alongside the company of leviathans such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Lana del Rey and…Dolly Parton, are Mastodon, a progressive metal band from America with their new long player, Once More ‘Round The Sun.

I realise, of course, that older members might not care much for this type of music and wish that it were extinct like Harlan’s Muskox, The Tarpan or Toxodon. However, Mastodon are keeping the faith alive.
Play it Loud.

To Google or not…

There are an estimated one billion Google searches a day, give or take a few million either way. I am delighted to be in the minority of internet users that do not use the search engine’s facility. For the record I also don’t Ask Jeeves or use the other lesser-known singing search machines like Bing, Sinatra or Dean Martin. I am of the opinion that if I am in the dark, I’ll stay there. Where is it said that you need to know everything? Continue reading “To Google or not…”

Megadeth are coming to town

As big, brash redheads go Musty is in a class of his own. Not long to go until I see the ginger one in the flesh. Dave Mustaine is the singer, guitarist, penalty kick taker and chief songwriter of the family friendly thrash metal band, Megadeth. Our Dave also holds black belts in karate and Taekwondo, so although he’s a Christian (this is true), he’s not the type of guy that gets sand thrown in his face. He’s a mass of contradictions is the evangelist with the Dick Dastardly voice.

Contrary to popular myth, heavy metal gigs are not full of hard men (and women). Most of us are only kid-on tough guys pretending to be the spawn of Crowley with our devil’s horn gestures. I’ve been to many standing room shows and only seen one fight which was between two young lads, worse for drink. It was an absolutely appalling fight to boot. Continue reading “Megadeth are coming to town”