Overrated: Google overhead view

Bypassing all its criticisms- invasion of privacy issues, cursor navigational problems, serial killings as they occur- Google street view is a fine application. The ability to teleport to anywhere in the world is Star Trek at your fingertips. Beam me up, I mean, beam me down to Barbados, Scotty.

Where Google comes down to earth is with its overhead view option. This satellite imagery, used often by television news stations, is boring. There’s nothing interesting about the top of something. You won’t hear an actress or a model say “ oh my best feature is the plan view of my head.”

And this is what it boils down to: University level technical drawing. There are three planes that configure the whole make-up of the universe: front elevation, end elevation and plan. The plan, the plan, the plan is plainly uninspiring. Take any overhead view anywhere in the world and what you see is a various mix of shapes and sizes, mostly rectangular oddities. Every car that is photographed this way, from a Ferrari to a mini metro looks the same: a basic child’s drawing, albeit with a ruler to make the sides straight.

The tops of buildings are especially dull. What must the makers of the Burj khalifa think? Their tall building has been flattened to resemble the same size as my garden hut. ( we don’t call them sheds. A shed is a parting of the hair. Who says TR’s posts aren’t educational?).

12 thoughts on “Overrated: Google overhead view”

  1. Overhead view gives me vertigo and I fall off my chair a lot (good views of the ceiling though).

    May I say how terrific it is to see you, JW. 🙂

  2. Hi JW.

    The plan view of trees is pretty boring round South Oxfordshire, and round here there’s quite a few bits of rather uninteresting ( from that angle) sea.

    Good to see you. 😉

  3. I know what you mean, Christopher. It must also be boring if you’re a bird.

    Nothing wrong with falling off chairs Bilby. Delighted to see you too.

    A new world record, JM, congrats.

    Overhead sea view, now that takes the biscuit. And nice to see you, Ara.

  4. G’day JW, good to see you.

    Some of us Charioteers can’t see your piccies. 😥

    Not that there’s anything wrong with your code, nor is there anything wrong with linking images that are in your own website’s storage, but

    You have the privacy on your website set so that nobody except members can gain access to anything, and some of us (all of us?) are not members of your site. So no piccies. You can see them, but we can’t. 😥

  5. G’day back at ya, Bearsy.

    I shut my site during my sabbatical. Now unlocked again I am glad that Charioteers can see the magnificent photograph. 🙂

  6. I find their lack of resolution tedious, especially in third world countries. I was studying the walls of the city of Balkh in Afghanistan but immediately you zoom in it goes to a fuzzy mess, all incredibly irritating. Plus all the maps are outdated by years. They have touted all sorts of new gismos and included boring pictures but the material has not been re-originated. Plus the more they add of what you don’t want has slown resolutions down to a crawl.
    Frankly totally unimpressed. You would have thought by now they could have knocked up some stereoscopic system to make it of interest, after all the basic technology has been there since the Second World War! It was taught to us at uni in the 60’s for God’s sakes!!!
    They carry on as if its the best thing since sliced bread and then believe their own crap!

  7. Of interest to me is the ability to see how some of the farms in Zimbabwe have changed over the past 14 years since the invasions began.

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