To Google or not…

There are an estimated one billion Google searches a day, give or take a few million either way. I am delighted to be in the minority of internet users that do not use the search engine’s facility. For the record I also don’t Ask Jeeves or use the other lesser-known singing search machines like Bing, Sinatra or Dean Martin. I am of the opinion that if I am in the dark, I’ll stay there. Where is it said that you need to know everything?

The other night a bunch of us were sat in a hostelry. One of the gang started humming a song. He said he heard it on the radio earlier and it was stuck in his head. It went something like ♫ ♬ Dancing in the Moonlight hum, hum, hum.♫ ♬

Automatically I said “You’re a bit out of tune but Thin Lizzy had a song called Dancing in the Moonlight with It’s caught me in its spotlight in brackets. It‘s on the Bad Reputation album.”

I was shot down in flames (that’s AC/DC as if you didn’t know) with the rejoinder that he knew that song and that wasn’t the one that was played. Some one else offered to use his smart phone to browse the internet and find the answer.

“No, no, no a billion times no” I no’d.

“Why not? Don’t you want to know?” asked someone that wanted to know-all.

“It’s better working it out yourself.”

“But what if we can’t?”

“What did we do in the old days? If there was something we couldn’t remember it never bothered us much. Although it is mildly irritating not knowing who sang this awful song, it’s not the end of the world as we know it if we don’t know it.”

To cries of Luddite and Burn the Witch (that’s Queens of the Stone Age, you didn’t know that one) I was out voted and the New Seekers had their way. Disgusted , I went over to the pinball machine as I’m a bit of a wizard at the game. Who sang that again?

9 thoughts on “To Google or not…”

  1. Howzit TR

    Google is of course banned from my crossword (DT cryptic) circle, if I can’t get the answer I’d rather wait for the solution tomorrow, there’s method in my madness, I’ll often be sitting perhaps at ten at night and suddenly the answer comes to me or even the next morning!

    I bought both Tommy albums way back when, funny enough only last week I asked who played the pinball machine against Tommy? and who played Tommy’s mother?

    I google everything else.

    Are you as averse to spellcheckers as you are googles? I think we need to know 😉

  2. I watched Shazam being used this past Fri!

    A mate was holding his phone high up in the air, I thought he was taking a photo of something up on the wall? Oh no, he was letting his phone listen to the song so that he could get the artist and title!

    We wondered at the technology, I then offered to sing a tune to really test the software out, I was told that the technology isn’t THAT far advanced 🙂

  3. G’evening S-man,

    My spelling and grammar are up to a reasonable standard so no spellcheekers for me. I liked your crossword comment. I can just see you waking up in the middle of the night having a Eureka moment. “8 down, of course, Stenhousemuir.”

    My son’s girlfriend has the Shazam app on her phone and a few weeks ago she gave a demonstration by pointing it at the TV. Sure enough, it recognised the song. Being staunchly conservative and traditional, I was appalled by this gadget.

    My abhour, abhaw, abhoaw, my dislike of Googlers probably stems from my crushing defeat in a pub quiz last year. It was as plain as digestive biscuits that the young team that won were cheating by using the search engine. There was no way in heaven, earth, Olympus or Asgard that they would have known who wrote Love in the Time of Cholera or who was the first Doctor Who. Our team considered ourselves moral victors.

  4. TR: I don’t know about Love in the Time of Cholera but I remember seeing the first episode of Dr Who with William Hartnell! 🙂

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