Newlands – the 3rd test

During my early visits back in the ’80’s that huge stand you see on the right of picture didn’t exist, no, just the boundary rope, grass and another cricket field. The bar consisting of a rather large tent serving cans of beer out of galvanised bath tubs filled with ice took pride of place, other then that we just stood around and watched the cricket! Continue reading “Newlands – the 3rd test”

Talking about moustaches

There is apparently much laughter, hilarity and lots of ‘lol’s’ over on the Daily Mail’s page which describes this photograph of an unfortunate shadow induced moustache as having gone viral and possibly ‘one of the most awkward in history’ (Em, I don’t think so.) Continue reading “Talking about moustaches”

Washing up

This has nothing whatsoever to do with cricket, no, if I was thinking of writing on the 3rd test in Perth, titles such as “Washed up” or “Beached” would be more appropriate.

As I helped out with the chores earlier today, a thought crossed my mind, when it comes to washing up I’m very much of the chuck ’em all in and I’ll clean ’em as they surface! (Or if they remain stubbornly submerged, as I get to ’em.)

Now Mrs S, has the lot on one side and washes them in order, I’m sure that there’s a logical system of some sorts but I never hang around to find out!

So, my question to colleagues is. Are you like me, chuck the lot together and clean each item haphazardly or do you have a system?