Christmas in Sept.

Would you believe that on the very day that TR spotted his first Christmas tree of 2013 sparkling away in the top floor window of a local high-rise that I received a Christmas present from 2012!

Let me explain …

As I’ve mentioned previously on these pages I’d never win an audition for one of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs, (I would however make an excellent Prince Charming, but that of course is just my opinion)

No, I’m much too tall for that and happily leave those roles to shall we say the vertically challenged.

Unfortunately there are no ‘specialty clothing shops’ down here and I’m sort of restricted to buying clothing on a browse for an hour and hope that it’s long enough basis,Β  actually, I gave up on that some time ago, I now no longer bother. With an outside led of 48″ and inside of 36″ I’m sure that some of you here appreciate the problem.

Imagine my delight then, when on Christmas day 2012 I received a brand new pair of denims purchased from Big’n Tall Johannesburg and brought down by Ouma who lives up in the big smoke and spends every Christmas with us.

Well then, my delight was short lived, there was undoubtedly sufficient length to accommodate me but I couldn’t get them on! The manufacturers had obviously erred on their labeling of the waist size, so back they went and I thought no more of it.

Guess who came to visit on Thursday?

Guess what she brought?

Now to get them taken up or perhaps a turn-up,

Merry Christmas everyone πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Christmas in Sept.”

  1. Morgen S-man.

    Does this mean Ouma will be staying until Christmas? She is early right enough. If this is the first you’ve seen her this year you could wish her Happy New Year. That would break the latest guid new year greeting record by a looooonnnnggggg way.

  2. Hi Soutie

    Nice jeans but, if I were you, I would take them out and chuck them on the nearest braai.

    They’re made of denim. As we all know, denim is named after Nimes in France. And nothing good ever came out of France.

    Except Catherine Deneuve of course.

    A sad place full of of lamb-burning,EU subsidy junkies addicted to overrated cheeses and wines. But the worst thing ever to venture abroad from that cursed spot, apart from the delusional de Gaulle, who clearly thought he was the love child of Louis XIV and Napoleon, is undoubtedly Roman Poite, the alleged referee for today’s match.

    Juliette Binoche is a good export as well, to be fair.

    That could have been one of the great games of rugby of all time and the Poite excrescence ruined it with the first yellow card. Not only that, but he dragged the rugby review system down to the level of the DRS in cricket. He clearly indicated that he was happy with the tackle but then queried subsequent events, presumably because Dan Carter, alias God,,was down. He was advised by the TMO that nothing was actionable but he then bins BdP for no arms. Terrible decision and it clearly destroyed the game as a spectacle. Moving on,, the kicked penalty against the Bokke for alleged screening was laughable..The tosser obviously thinks that he is the successor to Monsieur Hulot.

    Not a lot wrong with Audrey Tautou by the way. .

  3. Morning JM

    As career ending performances go, this was right up there with the Bryce Lawrence performance during the 2011 world cup.

    He’ll never ref another Bok game or ref in this country, I doubt if he’ll ever be welcome back here in the Southern hemisphere, if your lot up north stand by him good luck.

    Not only did he ruin which as you say would probably have been the match of the year (Kings v Highlanders anyone?) but the whole Rugby Championship competition itself by gifting the ABs 5 points.

    As for Bismark, he faces an automatic SANZAR hearing for his 2 yellows, this should help …

    “Nothing wrong with the tackle,” tweeted Carter this morning. “Fell awkwardly and popped my AC joint.”

    I do hope that Ma’a Nonu is selected for Ellis Park πŸ˜‰

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