Sevens rugby – 2013

Got our tickets yesterday.

You know, the ones just above the tunnel on the half way line, with the royalty lounge bar and restaurant just 10 steps away, that’s right, those ones, but what a performance, let me explain …

Our season tickets are for all Eastern Province rugby and Stadium management events, this apparently isn’t one of those, no, this tournament is apparently ‘owned’ by S.A.Rugby and the Sevens organizers!

We complained, as did, I have no doubt others, I could understand if a totally non-related event was being planned (bullfighting? top gear?) but this is rugby and that’s what we signed (and paid) up for.

We got the phone call last week, we can have our seats but have to pay for them, R 150.00 ( £ 10 ) for both days, which is apparently half the price that the public are being offered them at. My mate (the ticketmaster) collected our tickets yesterday, when he met me for a drink yesterday afternoon and gave me the good news I asked him if our parking ticket was valid for the event? Oops he said, he’d forgot to ask, a quick phone call to the stadium ticket office and they confirmed our parking ticket would be valid (confirmed by e-mail)

A couple of phone calls to sort out accommodation close to the stadium and that was that, can’t wait!

The new Sevens season starts this weekend over in Oz (Skilled stadium, Gold Coast) then Dubai (29 / 30 Nov) then us 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sevens rugby – 2013”

  1. To maintain the momentum of the ‘no foreigners should play for countries’ teams’ campaign, would you be kind enough to denote the birth-country of each player representing each country at sevens? 🙂

  2. Môre Jay

    Well I do know for definite that our 12 man squad will all be born and bred South Africans, I can safely predict that the New Zealand and Aussie teams will include Pacific Islanders from islands with unpronounceable names and that England will no doubt draw on their Commonwealth connections to prevent total embarrassment.

  3. Ah, Sevens. A great game to watch, but not to play, if you are a prop forward!

  4. Morning all.

    There’s no doubt about it, it’s fast and furious stuff, far better to be in the stand. It’s also non stop entertainment with perhaps 3 games an hour for about 8/9 hours with oodles of entertainment during the short breaks.

    Gonna be 2 great days 🙂

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