Nelson Mandela Bay 7’s – 2013

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What a day! What a weekend! What an event! What a crowd! What an atmosphere!

On an emotionally charged weekend, how fitting was it for the very first International sporting event to be held on South African soil after the death of Nelson Mandela to be held in the stadium that bears his name?

16 teams, 45 games, an extravaganza of rugby if ever there was one!

It’s fair to say that we probably spent more time in the bar / lounge during the day on Saturday then in the stand (except of course when the Blitzbokke were playing) it is after all a day of preliminary group stages where the minnows get the chance to play against the big guns but today (Sunday) was the main event, and what an event it was.

The beauty of this format is that it splits into 4 competitions during the course of the final day (Shield, Bowl, Plate and Cup) with all teams having a chance of gaining a medal and silverware as late as the mid-afternoon!

We got the dream final we wanted. The Blitzbokke cruised through their quarter and semi finals as did the All (cough) (splutter) Blacks.

I’ve written elsewhere that I thought that the Ref had a couple of ‘Mandela moments’ during the final but who cares? Final score Blitzbokke 17 – AB’s 14 (3 tries to 2)

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Sevens rugby, 2011 – P.E.

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Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage watching international rugby right here in the Eastern Cape in the middle of December.

This week was historically reserved for the first of our summer holiday cricket tests, always played at St. George’s Park and always well attended. That was until the thieving, fraudsters who now run S.A. cricket sold out to bigger unions. ‘Our’ test is now going to be played up in Pretoria, most Pretoria residents are now on holiday and probably at the coast enjoying the sunshine and beaches or off at a game park, there will be nobody at Centurion but when has common sense ever prevailed over administrators lining their pockets?

Back to the rugby.

The 2 day event is billed as ‘Rugby’s biggest party’ take my word for it, it is!

What a day, what an event, rugby like you’ve never seen, non stop action, 21 games yesterday, starting at 11:15am finishing with the final just after 8pm.

Party, party, party, music, music, music, dancing girls, the most amazing camaraderie that I’ve witnessed both in the stands and on the field, ever.

It all took place at our brand new (okay, it’s 18 months old now) stadium built for the FIFA 2010 world cup, The Nelson Mandela Bay stadium.

Below is a pictorial of my day (yes ladies, it’s not all about rugby but the day, feel free to have a look :))

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Springbok 7s kit 2011/12


My ghast was completely flabbered when I saw this over the weekend. (hat tip Furry)

On the left is the new Springbok 7s (nicknamed The Blitzbokke) training kit provided by the kit sponsors Canterbury and I assume approved by our lot in charge.

It looks like something one might find in the bdsm section of a sex shop, I’m assured that it’s no prank but the genuine kit our team will be wearing during the upcoming 7s series (and is set to debut at the Gold Coast Sevens in Australia at the end of the month.)

One news report (the reader’s comments are hilarious) has the following tweets –

“Are the @blitzbokke sponsored by a brand of adult nappies this season?”


“The Blitzbokke were accused of trying to give Superman a run for his money.”

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