Come Sailing By


This photo was taken by me two days ago in Balintore (near Dornoch) on the Cromarty Firth, Sutherland. Scotland.  I thought it was a nice combination of chimney, roof and sails though I took a few other shots of the passenger ship alone. My host had told me that the previous day he witnessed schools of basking sharks, with  huge dorsal fins and the fish as long as 20 feet and more.

I had been in Sutherland for a week and returned from Inverness yesterday by Easy jet. (Not so easy that when we landed at Gatwick, there was no immediate place for the plane to taxi to and when we were allocated a space there was no bus to take us to the terminal. A gruff and untidy man,  two seats away from me,  sat throughout the flight with his scruffy coat draped over his head. That’s Easy Jet for you!)

I may attempt a Low Wattage style format of post of the holiday with loads of landscape pictures.

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