Moonlight Sonata – Bars 2 to 4.

Well I seem to have garnered a little interest here from cherished Charioteers and so I shall continue to demonstrate the SOKOZY piano playing method, allowing the Royalist to progress towards some musical resolution which comes in Bar no. 5 which I will post tomorrow.  (And that is where this present exercise will end unless of course further bars are requested or somebody commissions me to transcribe a favourite song.)

Bar number two is almost identical to bar 1, save the left hand (little finger and thumb) play two different notes from those notes played in bar no.1 see yesterdays post). Otherwise the principle is the same. ¬†Remember to hold down the two left hand ‘1’s for the duration of the 123, 456, 789,10,11,12 sequence played in the right hand, as this gives pleasing harmonic resonance to the right hand part. (Are you listening, the Royalist and no metallic effects please.)

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - Bar no. 2
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Bar no. 2

Bar 3 develops the theme with more movement and shape in the right hand. Shortsighted viewers will need to focus well.

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