I gave some Ghanaians the shock of their lives yesterday by offering to shake their hands. For some strange reason they reeled back in terror, screaming. Yea I am a bit of a joker. In fact, I am what I yam! PS I can play the piano too. Yam-yam blues is a favourite of mine!

(Janus, this is my 15 minutes worth.)

5 thoughts on “Thumbless”

  1. Evenin’ PapaG. My general manager in Papua New Guinea hailed from the Trobriand Islands where the staple foods are yams and fish. He gave me a model of a traditional yam storage house which now resides on a bookcase downstairs.


  2. Good Evenin’ Oz. So we might yet see this model appear in a photo competition! Yams are a staple food in our household too; well certainly for the Mrs. There are lots of Ghana food stores where we live in South London. BUT yams are not a favourite of mine at all though they do have flavour than chalk. (Junior will eat it, yams that is.)

  3. Breadfruit. I haven’t eaten roast breadfruit for more than a decade and I miss it. Must go back to Samoa one day.


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