Magic is in the air …
Wow it’s a rabbit
white and twitching
pulled from a hat
well how bewitching
just like that
from a shiny black hat;
Abracadabra – blow me, a dove!
well Lord above
there’s five of ’em
and one large white glove,
five a flutter, winging high,
feathers floating from the sky,
birds in the waistcoat, birds up the sleeve,
It’s bloody magic
I believe.

Avarice a Sin? CW entry for Bilby’s Pome Thingy

When Malcolm was the King of Scots,
The Normans came to call.
The Bastard put out Harold’s eye
And England fell in thrall.

Then Saxon Margaret northward fled.
Our king took her as bride
And granted to her cup-bearer
Rich lands both broad and wide. Continue reading “Avarice a Sin? CW entry for Bilby’s Pome Thingy”