I am back

I do not suppose too many of you have been missing my words of wisdom after the last few days of disaster but I have not been adding much to the Chariot as I have been a bit busy. First I had a birthday, a rather special one that involves you having to renew your driving licence in the UK. The celebration also involved many relatives and friends from around the country and from further afield, such as the US of A. Having recovered from all the celebrations, Mrs FEEG and I went on a long city break to Belfast.

Neither of us had ever been to Northern Ireland before but we had a great time, eating lots of good food and drinking lots of good drink.  Some excursions were also involved including a tour of the Game of Thrones filming locations. As I have never watched it, it meant little to me, but Mrs FEEG is an aficionado. The actual sites were very picturesque and we found a good pub for lunch! We also went to the Giant’s Causeway and the Bushmills distillery and various other places of interest, including the Titanic Centre, which is more that just a museum concerning the Titanic, but gives a good impression of the history of Belfast as well.

It is still surprising to see some of the dividing walls  between the communities in place, and lots of murals depicting some of the worst aspects of recent Ulster history, especially given events of the last few weeks. Still we are back now, just in time for all this Christmas stuff to start. Oh well…..

5 thoughts on “I am back”

  1. Happy new licence, FEEG! And no, you have been missed. It’s been a serious time and a leavening of your experience would have been welcome.

  2. i was in Belfast far too often in the 70s. You could not get up the street without check points and loaded guns everywhere. As usual nothing changes.
    Glad you enjoyed yourself and it was peaceful.

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