Winter is coming

As Jon Snow says, “Winter is coming”. The central heating switched on this weekend for the first time since the end of April!

I mean, of course, the Jon Snow who goes around stabbing lots of people in Westeros, not the superannuated one who distorts the news beyond recognition on Channel Four News

11 thoughts on “Winter is coming”

  1. Cheer up, FEEG. According to some reports we’re going to have a very warm Indian summer before the Beast from the East returns. So your central heating may get a short holiday again. My yardstick is when I require a hot water bottle at my feet and that was last night.

  2. Had you down as a Trekkie and not a Throney, FEEG, but there you go.

    Turn the heating on! At this time!! Are you crazy!!!
    Just stick an extra jumper on.

  3. Royalist: bit of both really. In truth, I prefer Terry Pratchett to both :-). We just leave the thermostat at a comfortable setting and the heating does not normally switch on between April and October.

    Christopher: As Sheona says, C4 is a free to air TV channel in the UK funded by adverts and, I believe government (i.e. taxpayer) subsidies. It is about as biased as the BBC and Sky news 😦

  4. Sorry to distress you Christopher, but knowing you for an inveterate globe-trotter, I thought you might have got confused. Australia has/had a Channel 9 so perhaps there is a Channel 4 downunder as well. The only time I watch Channel 4 is for the F1 Grand Prix highlights, FEEG. Though I did watch a couple of old war films on Film 4 last week. I don’t know if there’s any connection between the two Fours. The scene I most enjoyed in “Battle of the River Plate” was when the German ambassador was pleading for the Graf Spee to be allowed to stay in Montevideo harbour for at least two or three weeks for repairs, only for the Uruguayan president to show him the official report from Berlin. This claimed that the Graf Spee had seen off three British warships with nary a scratch on her paintwork. It struck me then that Corbyn has something in common with Hitler – they could both be tactfully described as “frail”, which to my mind means bl**dy useless, incompetent and ineffective.

  5. Sheona: I can’t bloody stand the lot of them. It’s utterly twisted and pure propaganda. Cur-bin is, of course, bloody useless but he’s also a spent force. He’s made Labour even more toxic than it was, but he no longer controls it. The centre has weakened, there are far more nasty elements but nobody is really in charge any more. It’s tempting to think that a change of leadership is what is needed, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone able to keep it together.

  6. Channel 4 used to be the place to go for the dirty stuff. I’m not sure how it is since leaving in 2011.
    Having read the post on Janus, he often threatened to go, if chariot activity didn’t improve, however disappearing without a trace of a flounce seems rather odd.
    Regarding the Latin, I haven’t a clue. My Grammar school didn’t teach it, apart from the school motto, ‘tempori parendum’.
    But I do like bums and tits, hence my memories of channel four.

  7. Sheona: Yes, Film 4 is part of the Channel Four setup.

    Gaz: There is still some naughtiness on Channel 4 such as Naked Attraction. This is like Cilla Black’s Blind Date in the absence of clothes. I watched it once, out of interest you understand, but seeing most of the contestants in the buff would put you off bums and tits for life! 😦

  8. Never like filth on the TV, embarassing and vulgar.
    Best behind closed doors like those bloody transvestites and other aberrant genders etc.

    Re Autumn. Broke three weeks early here, started raining at the beginning of the month and hasn’t stopped but not cold yet.

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